Rice cooker and dollars with a text "why are some rice cookers so expensive"

Why Are Some Rice Cookers More Expensive Than Others?

Rice cookers make cooking rice easy. They steam rice, veggies, and meat effortlessly and with minimal supervision. Some models, however, are $200 or more, whereas others are as inexpensive as $40. So, why are some rice cookers so expensive?  Some rice cookers are costly because they use more effective modern technology, have extra safety features, …

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Rice cooker pot with rice inside with a text "do rice cookers have teflon"

Do All Rice Cookers Have Teflon? Read on To Find Out!

Teflon is used in cookware, fabric, construction, and much more. Since 2013, Teflon has been manufactured without PFAs, per- and polyfluorinated substances, making it safer. However, Teflon does still contain chemicals. You might wonder, do all rice cookers have Teflon? Not all rice cookers have Teflon. Some rice cookers use stainless steel or clay as …

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