Induction rice cooker with a text "are induction rice cookers worth it"

What Is An Induction Rice Cooker, And Are They Worth It?

With their basic, inexpensive models and straightforward use, rice cookers make cooking rice easy. Induction rice cookers use modern technology to cook rice but are more expensive than regular rice cookers. Are they worth the extra expense?  Induction rice cookers are worth it for those who cook rice often. They heat the entire inner pot, …

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Close up image of rice cooker with a text "aroma rice cooker not working"

Why Is My Aroma Rice Cooker Not Working? Let’s Troubleshoot!

Aroma rice cookers are lovely kitchen appliances. They cook rice, veggies, and meat to perfection. However, like any appliance, sometimes they malfunction or wear out.  If your Aroma rice cooker isn’t working, it is often one of two problems. Either the machine won’t turn on, or it won’t cook properly. Other common issues include the …

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