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Welcome to Stretch Recipes! We’re so glad you found us.

We hope this will become your go-to spot when you’re looking for cooking tips. In addition to full recipes, we offer how-to guides and other articles on key aspects of the culinary arts. If it has something to do with enjoying great food, we want to tell you all about it!

Our Mission

At Stretch Recipes, we believe that cooking should be more of a celebration than a chore.

Everyone needs to eat—that much is obvious. But if you enjoy the creative process of cooking as much as you relish the end result, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our guides and blog posts are here to help you make the most of every meal, from the main course to side dishes to dessert. Even seasoned pros are sure to find something in our pages that will help them take their skills to the next level.

Our Story

We’ve noticed that it’s become increasingly difficult to find quality information when it comes to food prep. The key word here is quality—there’s plenty of info out there. The problem is, it’s difficult to tell when you can trust the source.

Here at Stretch Recipes, we’re aiming to change that by publishing in-depth pieces by knowledgeable writers all in one place. When you browse through our site, you can rest assured that all the information is accurate and informative. In other words, you won’t find a bad egg in the bunch!

Who We Are

Meet the dream team 😀

Sarah Pearce

Sarah Pearce

Sarah Pearce is a food blogger who loves experimenting with recipes and discovering new ingredients. She’s been cooking with her family since she was old enough to hold a spoon. She’s passionate about creating healthy, healing food and loves sharing her knowledge with everyone around her. Sarah lives in the Midwest USA with her family. 

Saniya Baxi

saniya baxi

Saniya Baxi, a freelance writer, has been sharing her passion for diverse cuisines by writing food blogs for over three years. Her culinary journey began by watching her parents effortlessly cook delicious dishes. When she is not working, she is either watching a recipe or experimenting in the kitchen. She also aims to provide the readers with the best cooking tips from her own expertise.

Taylor Ritz: Quality-checking, fact-checking, editing

Taylor Ritz

Taylor is a freelance writer who lives in South Georgia. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Georgia and has been a writer for 5 years.

Our Responsibility

Here at Stretch Recipes, we follow editorial guidelines to the letter. The veracity of our information will always be of supreme importance to us.

  • All of the tips provided have been tested firsthand, often many times to ensure consistency.
  • We hire only experts who can back up their claims with solid evidence.
  • Each piece is carefully vetted and edited for accuracy.
  • We’re consistently rereading, revising, and updating our existing content to give you the most up-to-date information possible.

Rest assured that we take food safety very seriously and follow all the proper guidelines when crafting our recipes and other content. While this might sound like a basic consideration, you might be surprised at the number of websites that ignore it.

In short, we want our content to be as unique and extraordinary as the food you’ll create as a result. We hope you find the pieces entertaining as well as useful, so that you’ll keep returning to our pages whenever you’re strapped for menu ideas.

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