What Is An Induction Rice Cooker, And Are They Worth It?

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With their basic, inexpensive models and straightforward use, rice cookers make cooking rice easy. Induction rice cookers use modern technology to cook rice but are more expensive than regular rice cookers. Are they worth the extra expense? 

Induction rice cookers are worth it for those who cook rice often. They heat the entire inner pot, ensuring your rice cooks evenly. They also sense the amount of water and rice in the pot and use modern technology to adjust heat and cooking times accordingly. If you appreciate the extra features of an induction cooker, the higher price tag may be worth it. 

What Is An Induction Rice Cooker?

Unlike regular rice cookers that heat from below, the induction rice cooker heats the entire inner pot. This rice cooker heats coils around the entire inner pot. Since the whole pot heats, the rice cooks evenly and quickly. Induction rice cookers are labeled with an “IH” to indicate they use induction technology. 

Who Makes Induction Rice Cookers?

Many top brands make induction rice cookers. Induction cookers are more expensive than regular rice cookers. These rice cookers use the latest technology to adjust the cooking heat and temperature automatically. Popular brands include:

  • Aroma – makes the 360° Induction Rice and Grain Cooker for about $100.
  • Cuckoo – many models available, starting around $250.
  • Panasonic – the price range varies widely. Some models cost about $150, while others cost upwards of $400.
  • Zojirushi – offers the latest Neuro Fuzzy logic technology for about $300.

Induction Rice Cooker Vs. Regular Rice Cooker

Both induction and regular rice cookers cook various grains, meat, and vegetables. However, there are some critical differences between the methods they use. 

Regular rice cookers heat the inner pot only from below. These cookers have a heating element underneath the inner pot. When you turn on your rice cooker, the heating element heats your rice to 212° F. The water boils, and the steam cooks your rice

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My Aroma rice cooker is a regular rice cooker. Even though it doesn’t have fancy technology, it still makes better rice than my Instant Pot or the stovetop. I’ve always had my rice turn out soft and fluffy. 

Induction rice cookers differ in that they have heating coils around the entire pot. They create a magnetic field, which produces an electric current through the metal cooker. The inner pot heats from the bottom and the sides, ensuring the rice cooks evenly. 

What’s The Difference Between An Induction And A Pressure Cooker?

Many people cook rice in a pressure cooker. Some pressure cookers are electric and plug into the wall like rice cookers—other pressure cookers use the stovetop. 

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All pressure cookers cook with pressure. They heat the pot until the lid seals. Then, the pressure builds inside the cooker. Foods cook quickly on all sides with both heat and pressure. Most pressure cookers can cook rice in about 15 minutes. 

Because of a pressure cooker’s high heat and pressure, it’s easy to overcook rice. When I use my Instant Pot to cook rice, it often turns out sticky or stiff. 

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Induction rice cookers also heat foods on all sides for even cooking. These appliances don’t seal with pressure, so opening them while the machine cooks is safe. Induction rice cookers take about three times as long as pressure cookers to make a pot of rice. 

Induction rice cookers are ideal for cooking rice. The technology they use creates perfect rice every time. Some models use Fuzzy Logic, technology that allows the machine to adjust the cooking process like humans do. It senses the amount of water and rice in the pot and adjusts the heat or cooking time accordingly so that the rice cooks perfectly. 

Do Induction Rice Cookers Cook Rice Faster?

No, induction rice cookers do not cook rice faster. White rice takes an average of 50 minutes in an induction cooker, while brown rice takes well over an hour. Regular rice cookers make white rice in about 35 minutes and brown rice in about 50 minutes. The quick setting takes about 30 minutes. 

However, the quality of the rice from an induction cooker may be worth the wait. They won’t overcook the bottom of your rice or leave the top uncooked. If you cook rice often, you may appreciate the superior texture of rice from an induction rice cooker.

Best Induction Rice Cooker

While many brands make induction rice cookers, Zojirushi induction rice cookers always receive the highest ratings. They are more expensive, averaging around $300, but have many features. Some models, like the Np-HCC10, hold a whopping 5.5 cups of uncooked rice. If you cook rice for a crowd, you’ll appreciate how much rice this model cooks!

The Bottom Line

Induction rice cookers cook better quality rice than regular rice cookers. They heat the entire pot of rice rather than just the bottom. Rice always cooks evenly every time. However, induction rice cookers are more expensive and take longer. If you cook rice often or enjoy the latest technology, you’ll appreciate an induction rice cooker. 

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