Is It Safe For You To Leave A Rice Cooker Unattended?

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Rice cookers are ingenious little devices that cook your rice for you. All you have to do is measure the rice and water, pour them into the cooker, and push the cook button. Once you set your rice cooker, though, can you leave it unattended?

It’s usually safe to leave your rice cooker unattended for short periods. Rice cookers have little fire risk. They come with several safety guards to prevent overheating or malfunction. But, leaving any appliance unattended always comes with a small risk. 

Should You Leave Your Rice Cooker Unattended?

Rice cookers can be left unattended for short periods. If you’re in the middle of cooking and must leave your house briefly, your machine should be fine. 

However, don’t leave your rice cooker unattended for hours at a time. If I get called away while cooking and know I’ll be gone for a long time, I stop my machine and unplug it. I can always start a new batch of rice when I get home. It’s not worth risking my rice cooker malfunctioning while I’m gone.

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What Happens If You Leave Your Rice Cooker Unattended? 

If you leave your rice unattended, you’ll face two main concerns:

  1. Burning your rice– Eventually, your machine will run out of moisture, and your rice may burn.
  2. Your machine starting a fire– Your rice cooker may malfunction and overheat.

The chances of anything serious happening are slim, but keeping your family safe is better than taking risks.

Other Risks of Leaving Your Rice Cooker Unattended

Here are a few other potential risks associated with leaving your rice cooker unattended.

Food Poisoning 

The CDC recommends never leaving rice in your rice cooker for longer than 12 hours. If you eat rice after that time, you may experience food poisoning.

Always chill your rice within two hours of cooking or immediately after using the “Keep Warm” setting on your rice cooker.

I cool my rice quickly by spreading it on a cookie sheet. Then, I package it into zip-top bags or containers and store it in the refrigerator or freezer. 

Poor Rice Quality

Some people report that their rice dries out if they leave it in their rice cooker for long periods.  Others say it turns mushy. The difference is in the quality of the rice cooker. Better quality rice cookers can maintain the ideal texture of cooked rice for longer.  

Danger Of Fire

Rice cookers have a low fire risk. Modern rice cookers are built to be safe while unattended, but accidents happen. If you leave your rice cooker unattended, there’s always a small fire risk. 

5 Safety Tips

Always follow these five safety tips while using your rice cooker.

  • Keep your rice cooker away from shelves, curtains, or anything else that hot steam could damage.
  • Don’t fill your cooker too full.
  • Always unplug your rice cooker before cleaning.
  • Always keep the power chord dry.
  • Turn off your rice cooker when you are not using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can You Leave A Rice Cooker On?

Most modern rice cookers can stay on the “Keep Warm” setting for about 12 hours. Some rice cookers can remain on an extended “Keep Warm” for 24 hours or more. The “Keep Warm” setting keeps your rice above 140° F so it remains safe to eat.

Does A Rice Cooker Stop On Its Own?

Many rice cookers turn off automatically. Some models switch to the “Keep Warm” setting after the rice finishes cooking; others turn off altogether. Rice cookers are designed to stop cooking once they sense the rice is cooked.

Do Rice Cookers Overheat?

Rice cookers rarely overheat. If your rice cooker overheats, there’s likely an issue with the temperature sensor or the heating element. Contact the manufacturer if you’re not up for repairing it yourself.

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Can A Rice Cooker Cause A Fire?

Rice cookers rarely catch fire. They have many safety mechanisms in place to lower any fire risk. 

  • The steam vent releases pressure so the machine doesn’t overheat.
  • The thermal fuse shuts off if the appliance gets over 212° F.
  • Rice cookers often have other ventilation holes to release excess steam. 

The most significant fire risk comes from adding too much water and not enough rice. The rice cooker may be unable to handle all the extra steam, could malfunction, and cause a fire.

Is It Okay To Leave A Rice Cooker Plugged In?

It’s usually okay to leave your rice cooker plugged in. There is little risk of fire or damage to your appliance. However, many machines still use energy when plugged in, even if they are off. You can save a small amount of money each year by unplugging your devices after you turn them off.

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The Bottom Line

Rice cookers can be left unattended for short periods. Stop cooking if you must leave your appliance alone for more than a few hours. You can restart the cooker again when you’re back home. 

Though rice cookers rarely cause a fire, there’s always a tiny risk they can malfunction. The threat to you and your family may not be worth leaving your cooker unattended for extended periods. 

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