The Top 6 Incredible Benefits Of Having A Rice Cooker

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Rice cookers cook perfect rice, but they also cook many other foods. Many models are inexpensive and easy to store on your kitchen shelf. 

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Rice cookers offer many benefits, including ease of use, keeping your rice warm, and cooking large quantities. Learn more about the top benefits of a rice cooker below.

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Cooks Your Rice For You

To use a rice cooker, simply add the ingredients to your rice cooker, push the ‘start’ button, and walk away. You don’t need to watch a pot on the stove to ensure it won’t boil over. While my rice cooks, I prepare the rest of my meal or spend time with my family. My rice cooker does the work for me!

Keeps Your Rice Warm

After your rice cooker finishes the cycle, it automatically switches to the ‘keep warm’ setting. Your rice will stay warm safely for 10-12 hours. You have plenty of time to enjoy lunch or dinner while your rice stays warm. 

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Sometimes, I start my rice early in the afternoon and let it stay warm until dinner. I often do this when I have leftovers in the fridge I want to pair with fresh rice. I start my rice when I have time and let it stay warm until I’m ready to eat. 

Some rice cookers have a delay timer. Using this feature, you can add all your ingredients in the morning, set the timer, and come home to perfectly cooked rice in the evening. This feature is super convenient for busy families. 

Cooks Large Quantities Of Rice

I find cooking more than three cups of rice on the stove difficult. I have to get out my largest pot and constantly monitor my rice so it doesn’t boil over. Often, the bottom of my rice gets burnt, while other grains don’t cook thoroughly. Many rice cookers can easily make 8-10 cups of cooked rice with no risk of boiling over and no clunky pots to get out.

I add the correct amounts of rice and water to my rice cooker and set it to cook. I don’t have to worry about my rice burning or not cooking. It cooks one cup of rice as perfectly as five cups of rice.

A Good Value For Your Money

Many rice cookers, like my Aroma model, are under $40. They last for 5-10 years and require little maintenance. 

Rice cookers not only steam rice, they also cook meat and veggies. Sometimes, I use my rice cooker as a veggie steamer. Other times, I steam meat and vegetables along with my rice. My rice cooker can cook an entire meal for my family with little effort. 

You can also use your rice cooker to make soups, stews, cakes, and even buns. Some fancier models have even more functions. 

Easy To Use

Rice cookers have simple displays and few buttons compared to other electric cookers. They are easy to learn and use. 

Rice cookers have settings for white and brown rice, as well as a steam setting. Some models may also have a wild rice or quinoa setting. Simply push the button according to the type of rice you want to cook, and your rice cooker cooks for you!

Easy To Clean 

Most rice cookers have a non-stick inner pot. Cooked food doesn’t stick and is easy to wash off. Most inner pots are dishwasher-safe, making clean-up even more effortless. 

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Teflon, the non-stick coating, presents minimal risk to your health. Since a manufacturing change in 2013, Teflon is now made without harmful PFOAs.  

How To Get The Most From Your Rice Cooker

Taking good care of your rice cooker helps it last as long as possible. Remember these tips to ensure you get the most out of your rice cooker. 

Read The Manual

It’s tempting to skim the manual once and then put it aside. Over time, however, I’ve found that my rice cooker manual is a valuable guide. I often refer to cooking times for rice and veggies or double-check how long cycles take. 

Most manuals also come with recipes for your rice cooker. You might find a new favorite if you try a new recipe. Keep your rice cooker manual in a safe place so you use your machine to the fullest!

Keep It Clean

After you cook, wash all the starch off the inner pot, steamer basket, and lid insert. Then, wipe down your rice cooker inside and out. Use a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner or vinegar spray. 

Never spray your rice cooker directly. Instead, spray the cleaning cloth. If you spray the display or heating element directly, you may damage them.

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Have you made oatmeal or quinoa in your rice cooker? Give it a try. Your rice cooker does so much more than just cook rice. 

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Make a cake. Steam fruit and veggies, bao buns, or dumplings. Wake up to a pot of freshly cooked oatmeal. Rice cookers are multipurpose and a great addition to any kitchen. 

Final Thoughts

Rice cookers are versatile appliances. They cook rice, grains, and other foods. They’re easy to use and need little supervision. They’re great for small families, large families, and everyone in between. 

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