Why You Should Put Mayo In Your Rice: Level Up Your Next Dish!

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Rice is a staple food, but you may have yet to hear of mayo and rice, depending on where you live. But mayo and rice are a classic combination in many parts of the world. Should you put mayonnaise in your rice?

Adding mayonnaise to rice can be a divisive topic. Some enjoy it, while others despise it. Mayonnaise in rice is a personal preference. If you haven’t tried it, don’t be afraid. You might find a new dish that you love!

Is Mayonnaise Good With Rice?

Mayo and rice can be delicious, but it depends on how you combine them. Don’t drop a spoonful of mayo on your rice and expect to enjoy it. But a tuna mayo rice bowl is filling and flavorful. Build a salad with rice, mayo, cucumber, tomato, avocado, fish, edamame, and lemon, and you have a filling lunch or dinner.

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If you’re like me, you heard about combining mayo with rice and thought those two foods wouldn’t go together. However, don’t dismiss this combo until you try it! I was pleasantly surprised the first time I tried mayo and rice together. Mayo adds creaminess and a slight tang to cooked rice. One of my favorite ways to enjoy mayo with rice is to build a rice salad, as suggested above. 

Is Mayo In Fried Rice Good?

Some think fried rice with mayo is delicious, but others prefer to avoid this combination. I appreciate it from time to time, but I don’t always want fried rice with mayo. The creamy, slightly sour, and salty taste of mayo can complement fried rice. Before you decide it’s gross, try it for yourself! 

Japanese fried rice, called yakimeshi, includes mayo. It has rice, shallots, bacon, mayo, and eggs. Lightly fry your cooked rice and scramble your eggs. Then add bacon and shallots. Finally, add mayo and stir to combine. This simple dish is a staple in Japanese culture. 

What Does Mayo Do In Cooking?

Mayo is a source of fat in cooking. It adds flavor and moisture to your dish. Mayo is great in salad dressing or on chicken. It pairs well with different herbs and spices, making it a versatile source of fat in your favorite dishes. 

What Is Kewpie Mayo?

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Kewpie mayo, pronounced qp, is an egg-yolk-based mayo. It’s made from oil, vinegar, and egg yolks. Kewpie mayo has a rice texture since it contains only egg yolks and no egg whites. It tastes strongly of egg and has a texture similar to custard. It’s slightly sweeter than regular mayo since it has apple cider or rice vinegar

If you’d like to replicate kewpie mayo at home, follow these steps:

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Step 1: combine one cup of mayo with two tablespoons of rice vinegar. 

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Step 2: Add one tablespoon of sugar. 

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Step 3: Whisk thoroughly or use an immersion blender. 

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You’ll create a sweet, tangy mayo that tastes like Kewpie Mayo. Use this kewpie mayo substitute in any recipe calling for kewpie mayo. It’s the perfect pourable consistency, making it easy to add to your dish.

Who Created Kewpie Mayo?

Toichiro Nakashima created kewpie mayo in the 1920s. He was inspired by mayo he had in the United States and the United Kingdom. He loved the nutrition mayonnaise brought to dishes and wanted to help his country be healthier. 

Does Sushi Have Mayo In The Rice?

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No, traditional sushi doesn’t have mayo. Mayonnaise isn’t a traditional Japanese food, so they don’t usually use it in their sushi. Some restaurants use mayo in sushi rice because it is a cheap filler. It adds depth and richness to sushi rice, but most upscale restaurants don’t add mayo.

Who Started The Mayo-With-Rice Trend?

After Nakashima created Kewpie Mayonnaise, the Japanese began using mayo with rice in many dishes. In Japan, mayo is not only served with rice but on pizzas and frequently as a condiment. 

Final Thoughts

Mayonnaise and rice is a personal preference. Some dislike the two tastes together. Others enjoy the added flavor and tanginess that mayo brings to rice dishes. 

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