5 Best Ways to Find Out When Rice Is Done Cooking 

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Cooking rice may look simple, but achieving the right texture can get challenging! Thankfully, there are reliable methods to know when it’s cooked to perfection.

You can find out when the rice is done by checking it after 20 to 30 minutes. Ensure that the grains have absorbed all the water or broth, possess a tender yet firm texture, and are fluffy and separate. Additionally, they should have a nutty or fruity aroma.

How Long Does Rice Take to Cook?

Cooked rice in a plate with herbs on top.

There’s no standard cooking time, as there are many rice varieties available.

One cup of medium-grain white rice takes about 20 minutes, whereas long-grain rice takes about 15 minutes

Short-grain rice takes about 25 minutes, whereas brown rice takes 30 to 35 minutes to cook.

Take a quick look at the cooking time for different types of rice. 

Rice GrainRice VarietyCooking Time (Per Cup)
Long Grain RiceBasmati Rice15 minutes
Jasmine Rice10 to 15 minutes
Medium Grain RiceArborio Rice20 minutes
Bomba Rice15 to 20 minutes
Short Grain RiceSushi Rice25 minutes
Brown RiceBrown Rice 35 to 45 minutes

Note: Cooking time can vary based on factors such as the type of utensil used, the cooking method, and even the intensity of your stove’s heat.

How to Know if Rice Is Done Cooking? 

Scooping rice with a spoon from the white plate.

There are five steps that I follow to determine whether my rice is cooked. 

1. Check After the Suggested Cooking Time 

I suggest setting a timer, as per the suggested time, to see if the rice has cooked fully. 

For instance, when cooking basmati rice, I typically set a timer on my phone for 12 to 15 minutes. Once it goes off, I remove the lid from the cooking pot to check the appearance and texture of the rice.

2. The Water or Broth Is Completely Absorbed 

One of the indications that your rice is cooked is when the water or broth in the utensil is absorbed completely by the grains. 

Rice in a cooking pot.

However, if you have added more water than required, the rice may only absorb some of it. Similarly, if the water content is less than required, the rice will absorb all of it and might still be undercooked. 

So, this indicator only works when you have used the right rice-to-water ratio!

3. Fluffy Appearance

Cooked rice should appear fluffy and non-sticky, except for short-grain rice varieties. The grains should remain separated and not stick to each other or the cooking pot’s surface. 

Rice on a white bowl.

One of my friends also suggested that I look for tiny holes on the grains’ surface, indicating that it is cooked well.

4. Tender but Slightly Firm Texture 

When you bite into a perfectly cooked rice grain, it should feel tender. At the same time, it shouldn’t feel too crunchy, hard, or mushy. Its texture should be similar to Al-dente pasta!

5. Nutty or Fruity Fragrance 

A few days ago when I cooked jasmine rice, my entire kitchen was filled with a lovely aroma, as rice develops a nutty or fruity fragrance once cooked. 

Therefore, if you notice a distinct aroma while cooking rice, there is a high chance that it is done.  

How to Know if Brown Rice Is Done Cooking?

Cooked brown rice has a different taste and texture than cooked white rice. You need to follow another way to know if it’s done, as mentioned below.   

  • Brown rice takes about 35 minutes to cook.
  • The grains should completely absorb the liquid (broth/water) in the pot. 
Brown rice in a cooking pot.
  • The grains should look fluffy and develop a pale brown color
Cooked brown rice in a printed plate.
  • When you bite into brown rice, it should feel tender but slightly chewy. It won’t be as soft as white rice. 
  • Once cooked, brown rice gives off a nutty fragrance. 

How to Fix Undercooked Rice?

Scooping rice with wooden ladle from the cooking pot.

Undercooked rice tends to taste hard, chewy, and dry. It also has an extremely white or chalky center, signifying that it is not cooked well. 

Saving undercooked rice is pretty straightforward. 

All you need to do is add ¼ cup to ½ cup of water to the rice, close the lid, and let it simmer for about five to ten minutes.

Cooking rice in a pan covered with a lid.

How to Fix Overcooked Rice?

Scooping overcooked rice in a wooden ladle from the cooking pot.

Unlike undercooked rice, overcooked rice has a mushy and clumpy texture. It even tastes extremely bland and watery

There are many ways to fix overcooked rice, but here is the one solution that has always worked out for me. 

1. Transfer the overcooked rice into a sieve. 

Overcooked rice in a sieve.

2. Next, wash the rice with cold water and separate each grain with your fingers.

A pircher of water poured into the sieve with rice.

3. Transfer the rice to a bowl. 

I suggest heating the rinsed rice in your microwave for 10 to 20 seconds to remove any excess moisture. 

If your overcooked rice is beyond fixing, repurpose it by making fried rice or rice pudding!

Final Thoughts

Knowing the proper texture, appearance, and taste of cooked rice makes determining its cooking time easier.

Ensure that the grains feel soft with a slight firmness, have a non-sticky appearance, and smell nutty or fruity.

Related Questions

How can you tell if rice is cooked in a pressure cooker?

White rice and brown rice take 15 and 20 minutes, respectively, to cook in the pressure cooker

As you cannot open the pressure cooker in between, rely on the rice’s aroma. You can also pressure cook for about four to five whistles before checking the rice.

How can you know when rice is cooked in a rice cooker?

Rice is typically cooked in a rice cooker when it switches from “cooking” to “keep warm” mode. This indicates that the rice has absorbed the water and cooked fully. You can also check the rice’s texture and appearance to ensure that it is done. 

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