Brown basmati rice in a bowl and spilled over the wooden board with a text "How to Cook Brown Basmati Rice"

How to Cook Brown Basmati Rice: Four Methods to Try

Are you wondering how to cook brown basmati rice? Which method is the best and the fastest?  No matter which way you try, brown basmati rice has the most straightforward process. Let’s break down each method in this article to cook fluffy and delicious brown basmati rice!  What Are the Benefits of Using Brown Basmati …

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Person hand holding Rice in bag and spilled rice from the burlap in wooden background with a text "boil in bag rice vs regular rice"

Boil-In-A-Bag Rice Vs. Regular Rice: What’s The Difference?

Rice comes in many types. Some cook in minutes, making them easy to prepare. Is boil-in-a-bag rice the same as regular rice? What’s the difference? Boil-in-a-bag rice contains parboiled rice. Parboiled rice is nutritionally similar to regular rice. Most boil-in-a-bag rice contains parboiled rice. Instant rice is also quick-cooking. It has less protein, carbs, and …

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Rice in a sackloth and in a wooden scoop with a text "rinse free rice"

What Is Rinse-Free Rice? Here’s Your Complete Guide

Most rice requires rinsing before cooking. But, a company from Japan developed rice that doesn’t need rinsing. What is rinse-free rice? How is it different from conventional rice? Rinse-free rice is similar to conventional rice but contains less starch. This rice undergoes an additional buffing step during milling, removing most of the starch from the …

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