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Top 10 Answers you should know before becoming Roommates | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

Top 10 Answers you should know before becoming Roommates


For the committed fornicators out there, it’s another Top 10 coming for “shacking”, but in the meantime, let’s focus on what you should know about your future platonic roommates.

X. What’s their schedule like?

Knowing when your roommate sleeps and hitting their peak is important.  If you go to sleep around 8pm, but they’re enjoying Metal well until 1am, it could create problems with a place with shared or twin walls. If they like to cook truffles & catfish at midnight while you’re sleeping, it may not be pleasant to wake up to.  Also, if you’re up during the day, will it interfere with their sleeping?

IX. How often do they have company?

Living with someone can be hard.  But the compromises don’t end with how you two get along… How do you get along with their friends?  Do you enjoy other people invading your sanctuary after a long day?  What are your rules on sleepovers?  Is there always someone random person blowing up your bathroom before you take your shower?

VIII. What are their lifestyle choices?

Do they smoke? Drink? Shop all the time?  Workout all the time?  Dine out all the time?  Cook frequently?  Date frequently with multiple sexual encounters?  Knowing these answers will help you decide if you feel comfortable enough around them 365 days a year.  These aren’t yes or no questions, these are how they will impact me questions.  For example, will this person break the rules of no smoking inside when it rains and if I’m a non-smoker, how will the smell of the smoke impact me?   If this person is bringing home a random girl/guy every night, what’s the probability one of them will drink all my juice?

VII. How clean are they?

Peoples interpretation of clean varies.  For example, I think the house should be cleaned in its entirety once per week and this includes dusting of tables and shelves.   At the Airbnb, we clean daily and once per week deep clean (including mopping of the floors).  Others may think this only has to take place once per month.  And others may think when they moved in, it was clean, so they don’t have to clean.   Find out how your shared areas are going to be cleaned and be sure to figure out how to share chores.  If you’re both slobs, then I guess it’s a win-win.  Hopefully, nothing bites you!

VI. How messy are they?  

In the past, I’ve been termed one of the best roommates ever because I always keep my mess to myself.  I clean up after myself in the bathroom and anything lying around and not put in its place is in the privacy of my bedroom.   But for some, the mess extends into the shared space.  So knowing if they are prone to leaving their coat or clothing strewn about the living room, unwashed dishes for a few days, or work things blocking the door is important.  Knowing how this may psychologically impact you is key.  You’re not their mother so if you feel inclined to clean up after them, rather than waiting for them to do it is what will keep the peace in your doll house.

V. Do they suffer from any illnesses?

Does your roommate have Asthma?  Do they suffer from Depression?  Are they diabetic?  What are they allergic to?  Knowing their health status and how it can affect you within the space is important.  Many people don’t want to share this information with you, but if you both know and are open, it can be helpful to navigating sensitive conversations and occurrences throughout living together.   For example, where’s their inhaler if they suffer an asthma attack?   Who do you call if they have a depressed episode?  Is there something you can do to help?  What can you do so that it makes the space more conducive to their needs?

IV. What is their credit like AND WHY?

If it’s less than 640, you should have big concerns if this cohabitation will lead to the same or more rent than what they currently pay.  #RealTalk   Less than a 640 means they have over extended themselves previously or are in the process of getting back up from a huge financial setback.  It’s your job to determine what was the financial setback that led them to have less than a 640 and if it’s something that can negatively impact you.  Have they been evicted previously?  If they’ve had an eviction, they will not be allowed on 98% of lease agreements.  It’ll be your job to find the 2% of landlords that won’t care about previous evictions.


III. What do their previous roommates have to say?

Do you know their previous roommate?  Did they pay on time?  The one that matters most – did they leave their past roommate holding the rent bag?

II.  Do they have any pets or plans on getting one?

Dogs bark, claw, poop and pee.  Cats meow, claw, poop, pee, and claw some more.  Are you a good fish sitter, or will they come home to fish sticks if they leave for more than 24 hours?   Knowing on how much you love animals before living together is imperative.  If they don’t have one now, do they have un-intentions or very deliberate intentions of ordering an uber full of puppies after that big raise?(yes, yes, this is us)

I. How loud do I or they snore?  

Is it like a teeny little 5 year old baby snore?  Or is it the high noon freight train driven by a psychotic cookie monster?  Because if they snore so loud that it pulls you out of deep REM to exorcise demons, it may not be the best match.


What do you think are things you should know before moving in with your roommate/flatmate?  Chime in below!

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