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In Austin for #SXSW – Your Food & Drink Downtown Guide – within a $5 Uber or 5 Minutes of all the Action | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

In Austin for #SXSW – Your Food & Drink Downtown Guide – within a $5 Uber or 5 Minutes of all the Action

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For All-American – Frank Hot Dogs and Cold Beer (West of Congress on 4th)

chicago-01292010160153Whenever I get homesick for Chicago, I can thank Frank for being the only place not in Chicago that gets the Chicago dog right!  Well, let me take that back.  There’s one other place in Round Rock.  But living in Austin means, I not only get to enjoy the Chicago dog, but other Sausages and awesomeness that Franks whips up.  If you love a good craft cocktail, anything chili covered, and go gaga for Waffle fries, stop looking and stop in!  It’s on 4th just a block west of Congress.  Can’t miss the art work on the side!

For Ale – Craft Pride (Rainey Street – South East of Convention Center)

I’m not a beer drinker at all, but I could totally count on the peeps at Craft Pride to give me a lesson.  This is a favorite stop for many of my beer drinking friends.  I love the hospitality they give me, even when I’m just ordering a Root beer.  In the back, they host Via 313 Pizza so if you love Detroit style pan pizza paired with beer, this is your place!

For Austin Style Brunch & Beer – Banger’s  (Rainey Street – South East of Convention Center)

Brunch and good times can be found at Bangers and with their recent renovations since last year, you can find a second kitchen to get everything cranking out.  They have beer and wine too along with mimosas for Brunch.  This is a great place to eat and share merriment not only with your friends, but new ones too.

For Beer –  The Ginger Man (West of Congress on 4th)

Is your party like 10 deep and your taste ranges all over the map?  You all agree on beer, but some prefer labels while others would love to dig into something local?  Well, the Ginger Man is your place.  Very cool vibe,

For BBQ – Cooper’s BBQ (2nd & Congress)

Cooper’s is the BBQ place where people from all over Texas come and I find myself craving their ribeye just typing this… one moment please, BRB…. The great thing about Cooper’s is that you know you’re in an authentically Texas place.  The food has an element of a homemade taste that takes you back.

For Burger – Roaring Fork (7th & Congress)

Can’t go wrong with a Steakhouse Burger!   Enough said.

For 12184249_10101359462268997_1354538555557230224_oCoffee – Caffe Medici  (2nd & Congress)

In the Austonian, you can witness the art of Coffee at Caffe Medici.  Inviting and Social, it has a great atmosphere and I’m sure will be the perfect stop for you to hop on Wifi and connect in between sessions.

For Craft Cocktails that you could select blindfolded  – CU29 (7th & Brazos)

I’m so not kidding!  You can literally close your eyes and point.  I’m sure whatever they whip up will make you smile.  These just may be the best craft cocktails in Austin.  Across from the Omni Hotel, this will be a hot spot in between sessions and after as well.

For the best Food Truck Experience – Eastside Kings  (West 6th Street) 

I’m going to fill you in on a little secret that I don’t think most people know about yet.  Eastside Kings has a food truck on West 6th behind Steampunk Saloon.  While everyone else is lined up for about an hour and a half on East 6th, you can coast to a 20 minute wait for the best Food Truck experience you will ever have.  Chef Paul Qui’s Asian Fusion truck is just about some of the best Food Truck if not general food you can get in Austin.

For Love is Love – Rain (West of Congress on 4th)

It’s a Gay Bar and if you believe that Love is Love, you are welcome.  Relax on the canopies, grab a drink from one of the 3 bars, or shake a tail feather… there’s enough room for dancing and love.

For Games & Drinks – Kung Fu Saloon (West of Congress on 5th)

Skeeball!  I swear, God made it just to keep us smiling!  Old school arcade games, drinks, and dancing.  This is a good time if you’re in the West 6th area that will keep you active.

For Great Memories – RAINEY STREET  (Rainey Street – South East of Convention Center)

Rainey Street has most of my favorite spots in Austin.  It’s also very unique.  A bunch of old homes converted into bars for our enjoyment is welcoming and everyone sings a unique song.  It’s no wonder that 2 of Rainey’s spots already made it to the list!  My favorite bars on this street are Icenhauer’s, Container, & Lucille’s.

For Health, Green Juice & Something for Everyone – Whole Foods (West of Congress on 5th/Lamar)

If you love Whole Foods, you should definite
ly check out the Corporate Store.  But also, if you’re with a group of people who just can’t make up their minds, it’s nothing better than taking them to a grocery store that has a hot/prepared foods bar for almost anything that will satisfy their grumblings.  From Green Juice to Wine, they’ll have you covered!

For Mexican – Micheladas Cafe & Cantina (2nd by Convention Center)

If you’re gluten-free, you know the first place you look for is going to have Mexican food!  Please everyone with this beautiful restaurant and rooftop seating.  Right next to the Convention center, this is a super easy hike.



For Miami gave birth to a nightclub in Austin – Rio (West of Congress)

If you’re a fan of Miami, you’ll love Rio!  It truly is as if a club in Miami grew wings and flew West for the Winter and never got back up to go home.

For People, Dancing & the Best of 6th – Maggie Mae’s 

There’s something about Maggie Mae’s that always leaves me wanting more.  The Blind Pig & Shakespeares are also fun stops, but between the live music and the feel of New Orleans, Maggie has my heart.  Make sure you stop in and say hi!

For People Watching in Style – JW Marriott CORNER (2nd & Congress)

One of my favorite places to sit in Austin is 2nd & Congress.  I love people watching and the lovely weather and it’s a good spot to see and meet people downtown.  So naturally, the Corner by JW Marriott is going to be the best spot.  Ladies, they have purse hooks below the bar and power for plugging in your phone/laptop.  The service is amazing too!  If you stop in, tell them Lauren from Stretch Recipes says hi!



For Seafood – Eddie V’s (5th & San Jacinto) -or- Truluck’s (4th & Colorado)

If you’re on a budget, you may want to skip these two, but if you just want to treat yourself, which you absolutely deserve once in a while, Eddie V’s and Truluck’s are among Top 10 places to do just that.  When you find yourself in Austin and craving seafood, not sushi, this is where you will want to go.

For Steak – Flemings (2nd & San Jacinto)

Treating yourself again?  May as well enjoy the best in Downtown!

For Thai – Mai Thai (2nd & San Jacinto)

There’s something amazingly simple, yummy, and easy about Thai Food.  So go grab some from Mai Thai!




I’ve got to go!  I’m like…. STARVING because of this blog post! LOL

Be sure to follow me @StretchRecipes on Twitter as we’ll be doing some awesome #EarnEatSave Street Trivia during #SXSW and partying as well.  Would love to meet you and happy #SXSW to you!

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