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How to keep a Positive Attitude at Work | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

How to keep a Positive Attitude at Work

By September 12, 2017 DontBeJan No Comments

Especially when you’re crushing it, you can be met with the impulse to give side eye to the person who doesn’t seem to work as hard or is asking questions that seem unnecessary. It’s important to remember that everyone doesn’t know what you know, everyone doesn’t see what you see. We’re all at different levels on the playing field and when we work as a team, the important thing is to know that everyone has a different handicap. That includes us too!


It’s not others that we control, it’s our reaction to others that we do. In my heart, as it relates to forgiveness, I try to always measure someone else with the stick you would measure yourself with. In this case, you have to leave a margin of error because we have and come from a different set of experiences and respond based on this. Simply put, just leave room for forgiveness. They aren’t you, but like you, are entitled to it.


And truth be told, your boss wants you to have a full and healthy life because it does make you more productive. When you’re at work and stressed and pulling in negativity, you aren’t happy and unhappy people don’t make the environment feel happy. Don’t bring everyone down, man.


So here are my Top 10 tips for Keeping it Positive while on the job:


X. Keep Calm at all costs.

I know it is hard to curb your first reaction…. When someone has an elevated voice and seems to be stressed out and even blaming you. Take a moment to remember that they are experiencing a high level of urgency that created anxiety within them. Keep calm and listen and respond in a soft tone. This will eventually help them calm as well. Whatever you do, don’t tell them to calm down as it will have the reverse reaction. Keep your calm.


IX. Tedious tasks call for headphones and music.


Where I work now, they don’t allow this which is silly. Personally, I don’t want to hear other conversations and I want to focus on keeping my personal cool. If you are doing something repetitious that doesn’t require waiting on customers, you should be allowed the tranquil sounds of music over idle chit chat and frustrations over job things. The great thing about this is that it stops other people from speaking to you within the office as you appear so zoned in on your task. Plus, as long as you’re not playing air instruments, music makes you so happy that you will be zoned in on your task. I’m a firm believer that all corporations should have licensing subscriptions to create their own music stations even IF they are not retail.


VIII. When others gossip, walk away or tune out.


Gossips have nothing better to do than talk about something they won’t change, haven’t had the audacity to say to someone’s face, and rarely think about the emotional consequences if at all. Most people do not want people gossiping about them. So why would you engage in a conversation about others? This opens up the door for them to do the same to you when you step out of the circle. Gossiping is a form of bullying when it doesn’t serve for someone’s betterment. So just walk away. Last I checked, gossips in the workplace don’t pay your bills or are seeking to help you live a better life. You’ll be happier for it as your head will be filled with more valuable information you can use to make life better. The worst they’ll ever think is that you think you’re too good for them. And if that’s their only takeaway from this life, they’ll continually be the downfall of everyone surrounding them; spiritually, physically and mentally.


VII. Use your breaks.


Like seriously, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You aren’t one more key stroke from curing cancer. Your computer won’t runaway when you step up. The mental break will increase your performance and productivity. You’ll be happier. If not, you’re a workaholic and you need serious help. I’m saying this from experience. There was nothing I failed to accomplish because I took a break.


VI. Take your vacations.


Go on a trip, clean the house, whatever is your style. Take your vacations. They recharge you and boost your creativity and the rest is needed.


V. Take a nap.


If there’s one reason to miss having a car, it’s being able to take a 20 minute nap on my lunch break. Daytime naps recharge me more than a quick walk to soak up the sun. They are the best! If you have the ability to do it, don’t be ashamed. Go for it!


IV. Stretch!


Sometimes you just need to Stretch and breathe it out! Your back hurt? You feel the pressure from a deadline. Take 2 minutes. Stand up, stretch and breathe it out. Who cares who’s looking? Just don’t grunt.


III. Money tight?


If you find money stresses at home, credit cards maxed out or just not enough leftover after pay day, look at how much you spend on food throughout the week. The vending machine may seem cheap. It’s not. A couple trips per week can easily cost $20. Five trips to Subway is $30. Cooking at home and preparing leftovers and snack packs could also be a total of $50 and provide you with dinner in the evenings. It may not seem like it at the time, but $20 a week over a year is $1,040 in savings. Do you have $1,040 in your savings account? Would you like to add an additional $1,040 to your 401k or IRA?


II. Don’t talk about work outside of work for more than 15 minutes a day.


Everyone needs an outlet and someone to talk to. So this may sound crazy, but I have a theory that bringing work home may be why some relationships don’t work out long term AND why some young people are struggling to perform in corporate environments. It’s great when your family asks, “How was your day?” and you can tell them for about 15 minutes what you did, where you’re going, etc. Especially when they listen and ask questions. It makes you feel as if they really care. It’s also great when it’s a source of stress that you can alleviate in confidence without it going back to work. BUT, when it turns into a long rant about hating your co-workers, your idiot boss, etc. It can be passing that stress on to the other person, rather than releasing the burden off of you. I think years of doing this can take a toll on happiness as when you’re not happy, your family isn’t happy. When your kids watch, they learn that the office is this terrible place where no body knows what they are doing and yada yada. It’s kinda hard to find meaning and belonging, be a part of a team after you’ve been conditioned to hear all these negative things about this place. So, 15 minutes tops for the sake of your own sanity. Complaining for too long can end up spinning out of control and breeds more unhappiness. If you’re unhappy, do what you can to change it. Ask yourself if whatever you’re saying is giving you the wedgey or if the underwear is the real problem, then, focus on what can you do to fix it.


I. Keep smiling – Your co-workers are in this with you!


We’re all working together for a common goal and that goal yields a paycheck for everyone working there. When you put your best foot forward, you aren’t just feeding yourself and your family, you’re helping to feed the families of the people that work with you. Just remembering that alone should remind you of how important, powerful, and needed you are! This alone should help you stay positive whenever things change. Keep a smile 😀

Do you have any other tips for keeping a positive attitude at work? Chime in below!

Keep posted, our next entry will be on Office Etiquette as it relates to Food & Drink.

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