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How can I save the planet – Think Shower Differently | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

How can I save the planet – Think Shower Differently


Yes, the thought of taking shorter showers may seem frightening.  It feels great to wake up with the hot water running down your body and it gives you a moment to really wake up if you are being tortured to have to perform before 10AM.

When you’re living in a roommate or group situation, shorter showers not only conserve water, but they assure that everyone has the ability to get a hot shower in.  Water heaters can only heat and hold so many gallons of water before they have to take time to do the process all over again.  So taking short showers in this situation is not only water AND energy conservation, it’s being a decent human being to the other people you live with.

If you’re asking one of the ways that you can do your part to save the planet, thinking about showering differently is one of the first and easy steps.  Sure, foregoing showers all together would leave the smallest footprint, but the byproduct would be creating tears for your fellow man.   All kidding aside, The dignity that comes with a shower is something that many take for granted.  I wouldn’t dare ask for someone to not shower as it is a risk to physical and mental health.

Besides, I know you’d be like, “Naw, I’m taking my shower!”  So here are a few really practical tips:

  • Think of it as your 5 minutes of fame – 5 minute showers or less are the goal.   One way I assure that I am in the shower for 5 minutes or less is to play a youtube video for a song I love to sing and dance to.  It makes my shower time fun and upbeat (be sure not to slip with too many feet moves), it wakes me up quickly because I am singing and engaging.  Picturing this song as the beginning to the soundtrack of my day.Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Or simply Play the theme music or shower scene from Psycho – It will get your heart rate up and make sure you glance out the corner of your eye from time to time so that you will be incentivized to shower faster.
  • Water off when you shampoo & condition – Many, many people say that they can’t take short showers because they have to wash their hair.  So when I am ready to wash, I start with shampooing.  When I add shampoo, I keep the water on long enough to wet it for lathering, then I shut it off.  I have time to really get in there and wash.  Then, I turn it back on to rinse.  I turn it off when I add conditioner.  While the conditioner sits, I step out to brush my teeth -or- shave my legs.  I turn it back on to rinse out the conditioner and wash my body.  This way, I’m keeping engaged & active so I don’t get too cold or waste a lot of time.   I never spend more than 20-30 minutes in the bathroom.  Now, the first couple times you try this method, you may make a mess and get soap in your eyes and panic.  Don’t give up!  It’s like swimming.  You’re not going to get it on the first time, it takes persistence and practice.  Get this method down to save water!  😀

Google Images

  • Shower after you eat breakfast – If you do find yourself unable to wake up until you take a shower, try eating breakfast first.  The mental energy it takes to put a bowl to cereal, I mean cereal in a bowl will start to get those synapses firing.  By the time it’s shower time, you’ll have fuel and have had time to wake up.  You’ll take shorter showers.  Plus, when you step out the door, you’ll be extra fresher and cleaner to enjoy your day!Yawning coffee woman in morning
  • Change your shower head – Pick the shower head that will have you moving out the shower the quickest.  Sometimes, if it’s really low pressure, you’ll stay in much longer because you don’t feel clean.  The same could be if it’s a fixed shower head, you may shower quicker with a detachable.  The effectiveness of your shower head could be the shift you need to save time. modernshowers11
  • And while it’s not a shower tip, don’t forget… Water off when you brush your teeth – We’re not 6 years old.  We really should have control over the mouth foam and if we don’t, we can always clean up after we’ve made all of our mess.Learn how to brush with Maxwell

I hope some of these tips sparked some ideas on how you can rethink showering to conserve water!  A lower water bill ain’t a bad thing, and neither is doing our part to save our home.

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