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5 Ingredients for building a Grateful #Business | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

5 Ingredients for building a Grateful #Business

By November 23, 2015 Thoughts No Comments

The practice of gratitude in my life has really helped me become who I am today.  Thus, I bring this into my business because it has been an amazing source of strength and one of my keys to happiness.  Whether you succeed or fail at something, there is always a lesson to be had.  Those lessons make you stronger and bring you closer to success.  In this, lies the ability to get better at managing risk, creating new pathways (which are always fun!), and sustaining a positive attitude along the way.  It also just happens to be a wonderful way to let others know that you appreciate them, love them, and empower them to believe in the power of thanks.  

So here are my 5 ingredients for a GRATEFUL business:

1)  Every decision made is for the benefit of those you serve.  Appreciate your customers and partners, so you account for them when you make final decisions.
2)  Thank your team religiously.  Make sure you let team know you are grateful for their contribution and their work.  They aren’t mind readers, so the failure to tell them can result in an assumption that you are not. 
3)  Work with what you have.  I’m guilty of letting myself or even others assumptions get in the way for what we can accomplish, but at the end of the day, you work with what you have and be grateful for it.  This can result in more innovation and other times, lower costs.  :-p
4)  Thank your customers!  The reason why Stretch has a points system is to thank customers for being committed to buying organics to support local farmers, the environment & the community.  As we grow, the thank you pot has ambitions of growing even more.  We can not fulfill the vision without our users & customers actively meal planning to build a more sustainable future for both the planet and economically.  
5)  Keep a SMILE.  Every now and then, you run into hardships and even people who will test you to see just how grateful you are.  SMILE. These challenges are designed to only make you stronger.  Yes, the challenges can mount up to an epic level of “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?” But, you keep smiling because 1-4 keeps you going!  You have awesome people that believe in what you are doing, you have the tools you need to push forward, and the strength to put things into action.  :-)

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