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Why you will never see us in Magazines | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

Why you will never see us in Magazines

By November 7, 2016 Thoughts No Comments

I was contacted today by a pretty big mainstream magazine. One that if they would have contacted me 2 years ago, I would have jumped at the opportunity because at the time, I knew that exposure was a really great way to get in front of new eyeballs. This magazine stated that people all over Austin would see it and I would receive a mention in the National issue.


For the low price of $7,900.


It wasn’t upsetting just because they asked for money to help advertise for my company… It was insulting because they knew nothing about us and where we are in our journey. That our target market doesn’t even match to their reader. It was annoying because I don’t charge to feature things I genuinely wish to share with our readers. In my mind, I rattled off a multitude of what I would do at this point in my career before handing $7,900 to this magazine…


If I had $7,900; it’d be going to my team’s health insurance or internet bills.
If I had $7,900; it’d be going to open our financial literacy cafe.
If I had $7,900; it’d be going to a scholarship fund for a women majoring in STEM or Business.
If I had $7,900; it’d be going to purchasing land to build affordable shelter.
If I had $7,900; it’d be going to invest in a start-up or small business.


But then, I became calm and remembered… others have done the same thing and have personally advanced themselves at the cost of their companies and community. I’ve already paid the costs associated with wanting exposure in hopes that it will help add to our value or attract an investor. I’m not making that mistake again. Our investors will be our readers and viewers who believe what we believe and we provide value to for the rest of their lives. In other words, we’re not interested in one night stands.


If you ever read about us in a magazine, it will be because that writer chose to write about us. It will not be because we paid a fee. If you read something on our blog, it is because we consciously chose to share the content. We don’t charge for mentioning a product or service, we mention it because we found value out of it and wanted to pay that value forward, we wanted to thank the creators of that service or content by featuring them. It’s that simple.


We believe that our true value will take time to build, but it’s worth the wait when we’re together and for each other’s empowerment. Our pledge and commitment to all who join our mission and purchase our services is that we will not recommend something to you because of cash, only because we truly found value in it and hope you do too!  Simply put, we’re not in the business of being pretty, we’re in the business of providing and connecting you with the tools you need to thrive!

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