What’s your Financial Plan? #DontBeJan

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I’m super excited to share that we have started Financial Fridays at the house :-) This is going to open up an opportunity for so many cash strapped young people, I’m literally beaming with excitement!

We’ve started working with the World Financial Group to provide free needs analysis and game plans for our residents and can service anyone in the US, Canada, or China! We’re hoping to take this with us as we grow our Hotel & Cafe concept and are excited to see how many lives will be improved by what we offer now.

The Jan story today is inspired by what has been learned today. :-)

Jan remembers various times throughout their life when people approached about Financial planning. It always felt like it was intruding on privacy or impossible to achieve because s/he made so little. But after sitting with us this Friday, Jan’s stomach dropped as s/he realized what was lost by not even putting away just 10% of his/her paycheck. Jan’s always been good about living below his/her means. But the lack of a plan & goal resulted in presently being without retirement and just $5k in savings currently.

Jan has worked for 20 years and only has $12k in a savings account that yields no interest. The only good new is that Jan has listened now. But what would have happened if Jan had saved & invested 10% of their paycheck from the day Jan started working?


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