What we’re watching: Shades of Blue


NBC’s Shades of Blue is about how Detective Harlee Santos (Jennifer Lopez), a single-mother New York Police Department officer, is forced to work undercover within her own unit for the FBI’s anti-corruption task force.  With time, viewers learn the various shades of blue, as she has to juggle her relationship with her team partners, family, and the FBI in an effort to do the right thing by the ones she loves and as her sworn duty as a member of the NYPD.

Shades of Blue’s first season was fun to watch, gripping, and pulled you into her world pretty quickly. Most likely because JLo’s charisma is flanked by amazingly talented and casted cast members (Hamton Fluker, Ray Liotta, Dayo Okeniyi, Drea de Matteo, & Warren Kole). As an ensemble, they are fun to watch and easy to root for.
The show writers do a great job of increasing the stakes even after you think things can’t get more heart-stopping and nail biting worthy. The finally of season 1 is jaw dropping after pulling you to the table and in this world, it gives you permission to root for the characters in this notable drama. Catch up on Hulu! and when you’re all out, Slip into Harlee’s world on Sunday nights on NBC.

No spoilers here, just love! Be sure to check it out Shades of Blue on NBC or Hulu!

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