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What is the Stretch Recipes #Lifestyle? | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

What is the Stretch Recipes #Lifestyle?


We’ve talked ValuesVision, and Mission… Now let’s talk about the Lifestyle.

Stretch Recipes is more than a company, it’s a lifestyle, a way of committing everyday to your personal well being; treating & receiving all others with empathy, love, & respect; spending ethically; living fully; and serving as a guardian to the planet.

When I started Stretch Recipes the intention was to build something that people could use when they are at their worst to provide them with the motivation and the tools needed to reach their best and beyond.  It was to build something they would continually use on the path to becoming their best as it provided them with value and even more awesome perks!

I imagine the people who gravitate towards my brand are grounded, intelligent, good, highly successful and achieving people ready to live a better life by becoming the change they want to see in the world.  They enjoy making money, sharing fun experiences with others, empowering others, and doing their part to treat others and the planet well.

Stretch Recipes would start by building a tool that made it easy to meal plan because after a long day, the last thing we want to do is walk into a grocery store unprepared.  To explain it to the non-millennial audience, it’s the equivalent of walking into Ikea without knowing what you need at your first new apartment.  You’re either going to grab all kinds of things or you’re going to grab very few things, 2 of which you don’t really need at all, but they looked good on display.  However, if you’re anything like me, you panic and run out because the walls are closing in on you as you navigate a sea of everything looks good and useful in this giant death trap of a maze and heaven forbid there’s a fire… the only thing that calms you down and makes the frightening memory fade is the ice cream cone past the check out!  You’ll be back, if even just for the ice cream… darn you Ikea!

Someone living the Stretch Recipes lifestyle is consumed with work and life.  The time they choose to spend is not only in experiences, but in the things that make them better, feel better, and their lives better.  These same people are good people that work hard, excel, and deserve the best.  They are fiscally responsible or working on getting there and that’s why they will use Stretch. It’s also why their time is so very precious and we fight to get it just right.

These people are respectful to others as they want to be treated the same.  They want and are ready to treat themselves better and commit themselves to their overall wellness by living a full life.  They understand the true value of a dollar and know that by spending with the right companies they are not only served with what they want and need, they are positively impacting their communities both locally and globally.  Most importantly, they know that we are all living on the planet and want to keep the house clean and safe for all living creatures.

When I was in my 20’s.  I worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, I went to school, and I wasn’t always the best at what I needed to do because my most valuable resource, time, was not maximized, it was all out lost.  This put a dent in my personal life as well as my academic or professional.   I could never have all 3 in balance at the same time.   I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world as it helped to open my eyes.  I also know the importance of working hard and smart.  There’s a value that is not lost on hard work.  There’s a wisdom that is gained from this that leads to working smarter over time. However, a strong foundation is not built without putting in the work and your attitude, or should I say gratitude factor will determine how much you enjoy the work.

When I was in my 30’s, I began to travel more and take time for myself.  I’d treat myself to things I would ordinarily deprive myself of and wouldn’t you know it,  professionally & personally things began to improve.  I spent more time with the people I cared about and the practice of gratitude helped me approach my work with my heart and it wasn’t hard to stay up long hours and do extra work to build things because I was living in my heart.  I was beginning to live the life I always dreamed of.  I was happy, healthy and prosperous.

I started Stretch Recipes never wanting to lose this flow for my life.  It is because in this, I was balanced for the first time in 30+ years.  I was financially, physically, spiritually, and emotionally thriving. This is most likely how I had the clarity of mind to come up with Stretch.  Based on how amazing I felt in my life and where I had come from to get here, I wanted the upside of this life for the world.  

The best part about living the Stretch Recipes Lifestyle is you finally have money to do and buy the things you want, but you know it isn’t everything.  What is everything to you is the amount of grace and gratitude you experience knowing that your purchasing decisions positively impact the world. It’s philanthropy and the action towards sustainability that adds another notch to your wins. Doing your part to be a global citizen while living a full life.

It’s cooking at home 3-4 days a week to do something creatively awesome for yourself and others.  It’s thinking about what you take in (not just the food) so that you can digest only the best things for your life.  It’s ordering organics in serving sized quantities not only to have variety, but to increase the organic supply to create more opportunity for local farmers and reduce food waste so, as John Oliver put it – “you aren’t dutch ovening the entire planet.”  It’s buying with the intention of creating jobs and supporting awesome causes to leave the world better than we came.  It’s keeping a positive mindset and putting out positive energy towards others so that the ripple effects can generate more love and respect in society and for yourself. It’s also paying a fair price for good and better quality while spending responsibly to encourage fair wages for women, minorities, and children.  Namely, making sure that Rihanna doesn’t come after us at some point -or- to keep our inner Rihanna at bay (Clip contains explicit language)    :-p

NO, NO, NO… Calm down Rih Rih, we have each others money.


Are you ready to live the Stretch Recipes Lifestyle?  If so, you can take the pledge below by reading it out loud:

I work hard.  I want a reward.  I’m also not a jerk, so I think about others, my community and the planet.  I am a philanthropic high achiever who takes the necessary steps to reach my goals, support businesses and causes that make a positive impact while living my life fully with positive communication and whole hearted generosity.  I believe business can be an amazing tool to help solve social problems and positively impact my community and the world… and yes, I like nice things and to have a good time!   But most importantly, I’m going to live a Stretch Recipes Lifestyle so that my purchases can benefit society, the planet, and me!  Simply put, I’m a bad ass all about the change I want to see in the world,  and I’m willing to Stretch a dollar or three to see that happen as long as it doesn’t take too much of my time or comfort.  I’ve got money to make and life experiences to enjoy.  Make saving the planet and ending world hunger super easy for me to do… as in I will do my part to Live a Stretch Recipes Lifestyle so that I can effortlessly change the world while I enjoy my time and new experiences with family & friends; traveling to new destinations; and/or spending time on Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube or the Facebook. 

Now, you’re ready to Protect Your Lifestyle! 


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