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We’re watching Vikings – And it reminds us that Farmers run this! #StretchWatch | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

We’re watching Vikings – And it reminds us that Farmers run this! #StretchWatch

By February 1, 2017 History, Watch No Comments

If you’re like me and don’t have a cable subscription, or watch television that much, I am giving you a reason to start adding room for a few hours a week.  It’s the one reason to get a Prime membership and binge for the first time – dangerously addicting, is History Channel’s Vikings.

I admit that I am late to the party.  I wish someone would have told me about this when the show came out and when I found myself in a ball on the floor suffering from GOT withdrawal.  But then, I guess I wouldn’t have the feeling of giddiness that overcomes me when I find I have a couple hours to continue the series.

The story of bad ass Farmer Ragnor Lothbrok is not only entertaining and captivating, it’s pulls you into this historic, human, and highly relatable world where Norse mythology and Christianity cross, where the needs of resources and honor contend.  It’s got everything you could expect from a show set in pre-plumbing times – death by diseases we no longer should hear about, fights over land, amazingly strong women, betrayal, atonement, madness, faith, crazy hand to hand combat & axe fights, etc.

Even if Game of Thrones was too much to stomach, Vikings may be palatable as it is far less gratuitous in sex and violence.  I highly recommend watching the first couple episodes and see if you are just as captivated as I am.  If you love it, let us know!  Shoot us a Tweet using #StretchWatch


Vikings stars Travis Fimmel, Alexander Ludwig, Gustaf Skasgard, Katheryn Winnick, and more!  Catch the first episode on Amazon Prime.


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