Welcome Anna O’Leary to the Stretch Recipes Team!!! :-D


I met Anna here while managing the Airbnb and I instantly knew she was a great person that I wanted to keep close and be friends with. So I kidnapped her and… I think now she has enough stockholm syndrome that she’s not going anywhere. J/K! Seriously, asking Anna to join the team was a no brainer. She’s smart and fun, lives the Stretch Recipes values, and has amazingly good energy.

Anna will be contributing as a Music & Event writer for the blog and I’m super excited we get to bring you some real LA lifestyle action through her eyes. Learn a bit more about Anna below:

My name is Anna and I work at an aibnb style hostel in Venice. I grew up in the Seattle area and music has been my source of energy for as long as I can remember. I played piano and bass guitar through high school and developed an affinity for hip-hop at roughly 13 when I discovered The Carter mixtapes. I’ve given up my affinity for privacy to live in LA in a house that has a steady stream of people from all over the world coming and going, many of which are the beatnik, artistic, traveling type of people that are down to chat about music and culture. It’s rad. Los Angeles has arguably the fastest growing art district in the country, and I’m here to share my adventures in exploring it as I go.

Be sure to follow Anna on Instagram and stay tuned on Music Monday’s to see and hear what she has to share!

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