We apologize for disappearing, here’s why…


We’ve thrown everything at Stretch and the company, building a company we can envision as the future of empowered living.   We did it because we believed that we could make the world better just by being the change we wanted to see in it.   We believed that if people had the tools that they needed to succeed, they would happily use it to be healthier, wealthier, happier.  We believed that investors who knew this to be the case would also jump on board to empower people to have proper nutrition within their budget…  We were wrong.  But it’s ok.

After failing for our Alice in Winter Wonderland event and running out of funds from the huge financial loss it was, we wanted to take a step back to get on stable ground and pay everyone back.   We hurt our customers with our failure because we weren’t able to deliver on the promise of an awesome event we gave.   But it’s ok.  We learned from it.   While we are still paying off these debts, we are very close to being out of the red and into the black… And we’ll be jumping into the black, not alone, but with some added coverage to ensure success as we continue our mission.

Additionally, we disappeared because we weren’t just hurt from the failure of not executing the event as planned, but because my grandmother passed away right when things could not get any worse.   I was homeless and jobless and now without the last person that raised me, my family.   On top of being called criminal for being slow to refund, I was dealing with a new reality for myself.

During this time, I picked up myself like the strong person life has made me to be and studied, took a good look at peoples actions and came to the conclusion that I screwed up royally.   Our customers are all that I should have ever been concerned about and that’s why we are no longer seeking investors.  I failed because I went against my gut and listened to outside advice telling me to get the bigger venue, to shoot for $50k in revenue to get the investor… We won’t be making this mistake again.

We learned that we have to hold the key to wealth for ourselves and the communities, organizations, and customers we proudly support.  In order to bring Stretch to fruition and life, we need more than social capital, popularity, buzz… we need funds.  So how does one go about building that without donations and investors?   We will do it the old fashioned way and build it through the selling of products and services. We know that this will take time.  We know that this will not be easy.  But we are excited to announce our conversion into an insurance agent that will provide Life, Health, and P&C products designed to protect your income so that you or your family is never left vulnerable.

I’ve always moved fast because I know that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  I also know that in order to enrich our communities, we must invite them to share in our success.   So, we will attempt crowd funding one last time in October/November…  Unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, we will launch a bond or equity campaign through the Texas Diversity Fund. This will be the last time we will ask for any support outside of the purchase of products and services.

We are doing this because we do not want to fail our community as we grow.   As we step into the health space more aggressively by transforming into an insurance agent, we want to ensure that our money is at work making the community richer in health and wealth.  We believe the best way to do this is giving the community the opportunity to own part of what we do.

We also learned that while Stretch is wanted by few and needed by many, we can only be of value when we position it to solve what people are looking for and open to accepting.   This is not happiness, wealth, or health.  This is security, a promise made and a promise kept.   And the one thing I’ve always known is that it won’t be effective if without action.  Again, we apologize for disappearing, and letting some of you down.  As the worst is truly over, we won’t do it again!  :-)

While Stretch has been put on the back burner until we have enough funds to get the product to completion, we hope that you join us as we open our new door.  We are currently licensed in the state of California for Accident & Health and are in the process of working on our Texas license for this as well.  We are studying to earn our P&C license as well for both CA and TX and look forward to sharing with you our final product details!   We are on a mission to empower everyone to eat better and save more… It’s just going to take time.

We will update you again in August. Feel free to tweet us or email us if you have any questions/suggestions.


Lauren Foster & The Stretch Recipes Team




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