Top 10 Reasons you are attending the Stretch Recipes Winter Wonderland Festival #AliceInWinterWonderland

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I know it’s hardly a reason to even do a top 10 for this event as I had your hearts at Sunday Funday and Live Chefs


10)  The theme – Total fan of Alice in Wonderland!  I may dress up, maybe not, but I like it!  Get Tickets


9)   *There will be snow – The invite said that there will be snow.  So much fun!  Get Tickets


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8)   *Entertainment – Aerialists and Activities from cooking to playing chess  –>  Count me in!   Get Tickets

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7)   Door Prizes – So some people will walk away with some awesome gifts for the holiday?  And everyone will go home with a treat for themselves?  Sweet!  Get Tickets





6)  Stretch App – The company is going to release the Stretch App at the event.  This app is bad ass and helps you meal plan easily so that you not only save the planet, you save time and money on organics.  Great New Years tool for sticking to financial and food plans for 2016 and beyond!  Get Tickets


5)  Go Local, Reach Global – I definitely support local companies!  Especially ones like Stretch Recipes that have the ability to go global and bring that money home to Austin to create jobs and wealth opportunities for everyone!  Get Tickets


4)  Shopping & Philanthropy – Totally going to knock out some holiday shopping while I’m there. Plus, there’s a silent auction of customized art work by local native artist Beth Consetta Rubel to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank.  Will have to see if I can add some sweet art to my collection!  Get Tickets


Beth Consetta Rubel – Pryor


3)  Live Chefs – How fresh is that!  Nothing beats meeting local Chefs and learning about your food and how to make awesomeness at home for yourself and impress yourself & loved ones.  Get Tickets


2)  Drink – My VIP ticket will get me two wine or alcohol drinks and there’s Daily Greens so I don’t feel guilty about all that time I spent at the Mad Hatter’s dessert bar. Get Tickets


1)  Food –  Yes, it’s like walking into the food network.  I get to watch and Q&A with Chefs while sampling to my hearts content.  Plus there is catered food from local Austin restaurants, even La Barbecue!  Get Tickets


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Want to stay up to date on up on the latest with this event?  Check the blog daily and join the FB invite to participate in polls :-)

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!  THANK YOU FOR READING, ENTER DISCOUNT CODE: STRETCH or Shop with any of our vendor, participants, and sponsors to receive 50% off your ticket price.  :-)

*Subject to Ticket participation.  As of this post, we are only half way to our goal.  We must have a minimum of 500 tickets pre-sold to add these touches to the event!

Special thanks to our announced participants and sponsors:

Amy’s Ice Cream

Beth Consetta Rubel

Casa de Glaze

Cooking Up Cultures

Departure Lounge

Daily Greens

Hey Cupcake!

La Barbecue

Soda Shack

Uncle Louis G’s Ices

& More to be confirmed!  Be sure to keep checking!

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