Too Dependent #DontBeJanice


Janice dated her boyfriend for 5 years.  Sure, most married men and women will tell you that if you’re over the age of 25 and together for more than 1.5 years without being married, it ain’t ever happening.  However, there are outlying cases and Janice hoped that her relationship was one of those.

So when her boyfriend of a year asked her to get an apartment in her name for him, she said, no problem!  They moved in together and 4 years into it, he asked her to quit her job and stay at home.  He would care for everything.  During that time, it was wonderful and just as she got super comfortable with staying at home, 7 months went by and he lost his job.  The financial strain was too much to bear and led to them fighting all the time.

They broke up and he moved out leaving her to be evicted.  She can’t rent an apartment for the next 10 years and says it’s put a strain on her dating life as well.  She rents a room from an older lady who doesn’t allow her to have male guests past 10pm. Even in the event that she did, the walls are so paper thin that she wouldn’t want her to hear them together.

While there is nothing wrong with helping or accepting help from someone you love, there is a thing as becoming too dependent.  Always plan for the worst case scenario and if you have enough rent in the bank for the worst case or a lease break fee, then go for co-signing an apartment for your significant other.  It’s risky, but the last thing you want is to be burned by someone’s ability to walk away unscathed.

If Janice could do it all over again, she would have worked long enough to save money for 6 months rent and she would have placed him on the lease as well so he wouldn’t walk away from the situation without helping.


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