The Ten Commandments of Room Sharing


Staying in a hostel style Airbnb is fun and a great way to travel.  Meeting people from all walks of life, building fun and funny memories, and being in the right location are all key spices to fond travel memories.    With that said, there’s bound to be some conflict created when many cultures and travelers come together.

We’ve created the Ten Commandments of Room Sharing to be a guideline for shared living.  Whether it’s airbnb, couch surfing, hostel, or roommate, you can avoid crimes against roommates and your host by adhering to these simple rules:

  •  Thou shall not take food that you did not purchase yourself without asking and hearing a proper “yes, you can have some.” And ye shall take some, not all unless the response is, “yes, you can have all.”
  •  Thou shall clean the dishes with soap and water after you use them.
  •  Thou shall replace the roll after you have used the last of the toilet paper.
  •  Thou shall not place your hands-on , climb into bed with, or  physically touch a host or fellow guest without asking.
  •  Thou shall not bring back outside guests to have sexy time or tours of the home.
  •  Thou shall not borrow, take, wear, or even touch other peoples things without gaining permission to.
  •  Thou shall be polite and courteous to others as you are a guest and life is good.
  •  Thou shall not smoke in the house or in the entryway to the home.
  •  Thou shall not take more than 20 minutes in the bathroom and 5 minutes in the shower.
  •  Thou shall remove shoes at the door (host to clean/swiffer the floors daily).

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