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The Perfect #Outdoor #Concert or #Festival Bag – #ACLFest #Music | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

The Perfect #Outdoor #Concert or #Festival Bag – #ACLFest #Music


Went to the first day of ACL Friday and it was awesome!  We saw Royal Blood, Billy Idol, Gary Clark jr (way in the back, too hard to capture photos), George Ezra, and the Foo Fighters.    So excited about seeing Billy Idol that I pretty much lost my entire battery charge and luckily, someone had one of those free chargers I could use to get enough juice for the rest of the day.












I brought my Stretch Recipes tote which fit my keys, ID and a small blanket.  While I was comfortable and had a fun time with friends, I was still not fully prepared.  So, I’ve compiled the perfect concert bag that would have made this night perfect at Austin City Limits (ACL).  I’d be happy to create the same bag for you to tote around at your next Concert or Outdoor Festival!  Plus if you purchase before 10/21/15, you’ll receive a free box of KIND bars.

For me, the perfect tote or backpack consists of:

1) Kleenex – There’s a ton of grass, even if you don’t tend to be allergic, there’s a ton of it coming for you.  For some people, it my feel as though they are in The Happening.  Regardless, by the end of the night, you will blow your nose or sneeze at some point or meet someone who will need it.  You may just want to take a pack or 3 depending upon your immunity to Nature’s way of saying you spend way too much time indoors.  Luckily, I didn’t need this until night Fall.












2)  Wet Ones – Ok, there’s a 80% chance you’ll eat when you’re there. Yeah, I know what you’re going to say, it’s so expensive, but when you consider the people they hire and train to be in the hot sun serving thousands of people as fast as they can, the massive amount of food they pre-prepare, and that musicians deserve to make a living, you soak up the extra cost an additional $3 bucks seems like it’s only enough if everyone buys.  Besides, when Salt Lick BBQ made the ribs, consider it your duty as a global citizen to not only let a great thing go to waste and to not miss out on one of the finer things in life!  Even if it’s not covered in an Angel’s tears AKA BBQ sauce, you’re bound to eat something that’ll leave it’s memory.  Clean up before or after with wet ones.

12120035_10101332209339087_3325620449939995371_o wet-ones












3)  Sun Screen! – Vitamin D is awesome, but if you’re in the sun regardless of melanin count, you’ll want to safe guard against an over supply of UV rays that fry you like bacon.  I got sun burned for the first time about 8 years ago while attending a Tennis match.  I left the house looking like Halle Berry and came home looking like Blueberry.  It was painful and now I see what all the fuss is about.  I can spot now when it’s coming as the red patches begin to surface and my skin takes more of a purplish hue.  I recommend Coppertone Sport as in Texas, you are going to Sweat!  Not just because you’re Dancing with yourself to Billy Idol, but because the sun is so darn hot that it makes the Cool Billy Idol confused the lyrics with LA Woman and Rebel Yell!  No one in the audience cared he had chosen to professionally start over as attending ACLFest with that Texas sun beaming down on you makes you think you’re in Inception.  In reality, you’re just having the best dream ever while the house is on fire.  It’s all good Billy, even the birds thought it was too hot to fly Friday and you are awesome!




coppertonesport 12045642_10101332433155557_2486784233215782289_o











4)  Outdoor Blanket – I took a small blanket that sat about 4 of us.  It wasn’t water proof by any means.  The weather’s been good and I didn’t anticipate as the day went on, the ground would be wet from the spilling of beverages and what was most likely sweat.  So the perfect blanket for events like this would be waterproof and fleece for the soft feeling against your delicate skin.  So that’s why I picked this LL Bean Outdoor Blanket.













5) Portable Charger! – You’re not going to want to only rely on the freebies that may or may not be handed out to you.  Charging stations are an awesome thing for events like this.  I’m glad that they have them.  However, when you’re trying to capture moments and share them with friends and others, leave nothing to chance.  I periscoped Royal Blood and Billy Idol, but by the day went on, I missed Gary Clark Jr. and the Foo Fighters.  It may have been the signal more so than the charge, but I’ll never know.  The free ones get about 1 good charge if that and it’s time to re-charge or replace the batteries.  A more reliable charger is the Monoprice dual port.  You can charge yours and a friends at the same time -or- two devices.  My iPad mini would have been great to bring along!










6)  Agua!!!  Water Bottle and not just one, but 2 – The water refilling station lines are going to be long.  You’re going to drink more water as you perspire at levels and in places you didn’t know it was possible to sweat.   The 2 perfect water bottle companions for this event would have been SWELL.  I can only imagine that in this case it isn’t Swell as in super well, but sweat well.  You will need to sweat well as your bodies natural cooling system needs fuel and at ACL, you will sweat enough to fill a well.  What’s great about Swell is that it keeps the water cool for 24 hours!









7)  Lightweight portable stool chair – As massive amounts of people shuttle past you to get to the next stage or the food lines, sitting on the ground isn’t always the best move.  When lots of people are moving and you’re lounging, it feels like a stampede.  This chair is perfect for situations like this, small and less than albs, easy to fold up and set-up.













8) Hoodie – After spending the day on Mercury, the night falls and it turns into Neptune.  A womens or mens Under Armour hoodie is the perfect thing to roll up and have in your bag just in case you aren’t ready for the Fall & Winter quite yet.


V5-1264102-001_HTB shopping











9) BONUS ITEMMini Flashlight – It’s great for signaling friends and making sure you don’t stumble or step onto people in the night.  If you purchase this complete concert bag/tote from us, we’ll throw in not only the Kind bars, but the flashlight too!


So that’s what I would include in my Perfect Outdoor Concert Tote! What would you pack in your perfect bag tell us on Twitter @StretchRecipes.  You can also grab or pack yours today with Shop Stretch Recipes EARN.

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