Stretch Style Banana Pancakes


So this past weekend was my last weekend at my most recent Airbnb stay in Hollywood.  Yes, the clown car of sleeping arrangements.  BUT, it was a far better experience than I could have imagined!

I met amazing people from all over the globe.  Many of them entrepreneurs and business owners as well.  I can not emphasize how much Airbnb is a great way to cut costs when traveling so your money can be spent on other things.  It’s truly an entrepreneurs dream because we save money while having experiences; and during this stay, made friends to visit in other parts of the world.

My last night there was also a few others last night as well and we become so fond of each other that during quiet hours, we just sat in the living room and whispered conversations until around 1am.  Our hostess came in from a night out and was weirded out by 8 of us just sitting on couches and doing what appeared as us just starring at each other.



But rewind to earlier that day.  We wanted breakfast and how does one feed up to 10 people for cheap?  Pancakes!

We had to stretch out the costs and ensure there was enough for everyone.  So we opted for a quick mix of Bisquick so we could get out and about to really experience LA.


I prefer smaller silver dollar style, I don’t like the fire being too hot because the worst is when they burn or come out too crispy.  I’ve also become accustomed to using a griddle iron, but we improvised with a skillet.  It became a war on pancakes later in the day as one of the airbnb mates, @ScumLordDizzy decided he’d make his Brooklyn flip as he prefers his pancakes on the darker side and he was not only Lord of the Pill, but Lord of the Flapjacks.


The jury is still out on who did it better, but if you ask Theo from Romania (he supplied the bananas), the bananas win hands down!


Either way, word is that @ScumLordDizzy will be back in LA again so I’ll be sure to get him in the kitchen and we’ll learn and record his Brooklyn flip.  In the meantime, here’s the recipe for our Stretch style mini pancakes that Skye from Germany says wins (FTR, Scum).  😛




What you’ll need:

2 Cups Bisquick Mix

1 Cup Milk

2 Eggs


What to do:

  1.  Measure the pancake mix.  There were no measuring cups, so we used a drinking glass as the ratio of mix to milk was 2:1.  Mix up the batter, add pieces banana if desired.
  2. When you don’t have butter, and it takes another 30 minutes from you to get to the store before you can eat, go with enough olive oil to coat the skillet.  If there’s excess, it’ll just add flavor.  :-p
  3. Use a Tablespoon when there are no ladles or larger spoons to pour one spoon full when the skillet is hot.
  4. When you see the mix start to bubble on the uncooked side, it’s a pretty good indicator it’s time to flip to cook on the other side.
  5. Keep flipping until you get to your desired shade of brown, or until the mix is cooked.  Eating raw mix is no bueno.  Top with bananas and syrup if you like.
  6. Eat and enjoy!   But remember to clean immediately when you’re done as it’s a shared kitchen space!  :-)

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