Stretch Fit Challenge: Swimming

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In 2017, we’re opening up my world more to you.   This is good.  You’re forcing me to live for me so that I have something to share with you.  Thank you.  :-)

I’ve decided that I want to learn how to surf this summer.  But first, I will need refreshers to become a much better swimmer.


I’d actually say the first thing on my LA lifestyle list is to learn how to surf.  So clearly, I gotta spend the next 6-7 months being a better and stronger swimmer.   During the Winter months, I’ll focus on the basics and go to the pool weekly to get in not only a good work out, but practice.  When it warms up, I’ll spend more time swimming in the ocean until I feel confident enough to ride the waves. Clearly, my goal is to stay on the board, but just like in life, getting wiped out means getting stronger and building endurance.  Training up!

Come back next Sunday where we’ll share the Top 10 benefits of Swimming.

In the meantime, LEARN TO SWIM and/or START SWIMMING!  I’ve signed up at the YMCA and my classes will only be $70 (That’s 8 trips to McDonald’s, a half month of Starbucks, or less than 1 day of pay for a lifetime of fun!).   Tag us on Instagram/Facebook or Tweet Us from your swimming pool/lessons @StretchRecipes using #StretchFit and the best photo submitted by the end of day on February 28, 2017 will earn a $25 Nike Gift Card.

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