Sometimes Food doesn’t come before rent – #DontBeJan


We’re changing from #DontBeJanice to #DontBeJan.  Why?  It’s more unisex as a name and further perpetuates the stereotype that women aren’t or can’t be good with money.  Some of the top people in Finance and Money coaches I look up to are Women and while they aren’t offended by Janice, I think as this grows, it’s important for both men and women to be able to walk in Jan’s shoes to answer the important questions and begin a dialogue about financial literacy, wealth building, and empowerment.  Besides, several of my readers are male and have called me out for them not feeling included within hashtags.  So here’s to you all, hopefully, you will still enjoy, #DontBeJan. 

Post college, Jan lived with their best friend.  Everything was good, but about 2 months in, Jan became late with rent every month.  Jan was paid every 2 weeks, just like their friend and they made about the same, but Jan was always late.
At the time, Jan was eating out like every night.  Working 60+ hours a week, Jan was often too tired to cook and when weekends came, Jan was ready to go out to eat, drink, and experience life.
After the lease ended a year later, they parted ways and their friendship was never the same.  Jan felt bad, but just never had the money on time.  It wasn’t until 5 years later when Jan started dating his now spouse that she pointed out to him how much he was eating out that he learned how much money he blew on dining expenses.
Jan went from spending close to $620/mo to $390/mo by staying home Monday – Thursday to cook.  Jan’s weekend quality of life improved because he found himself with extra money for trips and better experiences.  As their relationship progressed, he was able to save more and faster for her engagement ring.
Jan says that he had to marry the woman that saved him so much money and brought him new memories.  However, the thing that he didn’t know was harming him for all those years and the regret of the loss of his best friend still lingers.  He had always pictured his best friend from college being the best man at his wedding, but instead he was simply a guest.


Hindsight is always 20/20.  As if you needed another reason to eat better at home.  #DontBeJan

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