Soda Teeth – #DontBeJan


Since I’ve been really on a budget, I will say that I have cut my soda intake down significantly.  Occasionally, I’ll buy ginger ale or drink a coca cola when I have a headache.  But after meeting Jan, I think my 1 pop every few days may even be too much.

Jan drank soda everyday. Jan ate out a lot and Value meals are easy to come by so 3 times daily for years added up to a ton of soda!  Before Jan knew it, Jan was in the dentist having to get most teeth removed and fitted for dentures at the age of 38! Jan’s kids are barely 7 years old.

If you love your smile, having your teeth, reconsider how much you drink soda.  Also, dialing your intake back in half could save you thousands!  If each time Jan purchased a soda with every meal, the expense totaled up to $3 per day on soda alone; Then, between the age of 18 and 38, Jan spent almost $22,000 to have her teeth taken prematurely!

What would you do with $22k?  What if Jan cut that expense in half $11k!  What would you do with $11,000?


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