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Rest In Peace 2016 Playlist | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

Rest In Peace 2016 Playlist

By December 27, 2016 Thoughts No Comments

Let’s be real…. If 2016 was a person, it would get punched in the face with the fury of a scorned woman whose son was taken by his no child support paying, dog custody winning, STD giving, cheating father who showed up late with no presents for her son and drunkingly tracked mud all over her freshly cleaned living room carpet on Christmas morning… you get my drift. It would get punched hard… and maybe repeatedly for good measure.hqdefault


Alas, for me, 2016 was all my worst nightmares coming true.  Not only was it a period of change for Stretch Recipes, I had to deal with recouping from failure as well as the personal loss of my Grandmother right when things felt as if they couldn’t get any worse.  I had to leave Austin in order to set myself up for success, giving up my personal space and comfort to live in a hostel styled Airbnb.   I had to say goodbye to a lot in this life, when I wasn’t ready for the loss or change.  I had to endure.  I will endure.


For me, the entire year has been a period of mourning.  In spite, of the tears cried over personal losses and over some of my favorite musical icons, I refuse to take the negative with me into 2017.  It’s easy to look at 2016 and feel as though it is a complete loss.  But we must move forward remembering two things… they are forever with us in their music and when we all get to heaven, the music is going to be bad ass.


Therefore, I’ve created a playlist so that when I think of 2016, I can look more so, fondly back on the lives of those that we lost and enjoy the legacy they left, continuing to build up in their honor.  Learning from their lives and sharing their stories with future generations, because what’s in the heart always remains.   So without further adieu, I will remember 2016…


  • Because even though she was a self-professed Lou Rawls fan, I had never heard her sing until this song. But mostly, because diamonds are formed under pressure and pearls within time.  For the good and the bad, I am me and for that, I thank her… For My Grandmother, Alma Lee Foster – Diamonds & Pearls.   screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-5-57-12-pm
  • Because there are some people who mean so much more than a name…  In memory of Prince – I would die for you.prince_at_coachella_001
  • Because there is not just bravery, but true beauty in marching to your own drummer….  In memory of David Bowie – Let’s Dance.david-bowie_chicago_2002-08-08_photoby_adam-bielawski-cropped
  • Because you should always stand in the truth of who you are and make no apologies for being authentically and wonderfully you…. In memory of George Michael – Faithgeorge-michael-11282050798rexr
  • Because your story, no matter how rocky is powerful and worth being told…. In memory of Merle Haggard – That’s the way love goesmerle9196
  • Because even in battle, your fire and sass is always needed and welcomed… In memory of Sharon Jones – I’ll still be truers-209107-sharonjones001
  • Because as painful as life can be, your soul can strike a chord … In memory of Leonard Cohen – HallelujahCanadian singer and poet Leonard Cohen is pictured on January 16, 2012 in Paris. Leonard Cohen's new album "Old Ideas" will be released in France on January 30. AFP PHOTO / JOEL SAGET (Photo credit should read JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Because they may remember you as a Nasty Girl, it’s fun, but I know you’re more… In Memory of Denise Matthews – Nasty Girldenise_matthews_1
  • Because no matter how tough things get, we are not alone and should never lose hope… In Memory of Maurice White – Keep Your Head to the Skyunknown-1
  • Because people will always remember how you made them feel…. In Memory of Phife Dawg – Scenariodawg


This will serve as my 2016 playlist.  I may cry that they’ve gone, but in these songs and the memories they created, they will always be with us.


Though the pain of loss in 2016 runs deep and we do and did not want to say goodbye to those we love. There is no question that our tears will water new life as a testament of the love we shared, not lost for it is now forever a part of our future, seeding & watering the trees of faith & hope as it grows.


Rest in Peace 2016, Grow in Love for 2017!

What’s on your 2016 playlist?

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