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Remaining Thankful is important when building a #Startup | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

Remaining Thankful is important when building a #Startup

By August 31, 2015 Thoughts No Comments

This past year has been extremely hard for me as I have been learning an entirely new industry, City, and spent a lot of time validating a ton of ideas. In many ways, the plunge into Entrepreneurship is not only risky, it is shedding a lot of notions and assumptions as you learn many things were simply not the case that they should have been. This can be summed up into two lines: “You know absolutely nothing” and “Ideally is an idea, but not always the case.”

Ideally, I began a company with the notion that I could put in the work necessary to build a technology team to innovate the way we shop for food so that we as a society can eat better and save more. Ideally, I thought these would happen in logical steps. Ideally, I thought that when you step out to do the right thing the world will conspire to work with you rather than against you. I thought that by finding a way to empower people with the tools they needed to succeed, a time and energy saving knowledge key, we could earn a living based off solving problems and shifting perspectives. I thought that when people said they wanted to join your team, it meant they wanted to be an active member and they saw themselves as a key part of a mission based business. I thought that these people wanted to put in the same level of work and dedication by bringing their best self to the table. Ideally, I thought we would build this awesome app to empower everyone instantaneously first and before we could do anything else.

Ideally, I thought that people would hear my message and think to themselves, “yeah that’s really cool and I could use that.” Ideally, I thought that people wouldn’t distance themselves from my message because they heard the word “food stamps” or “food desert”. Ideally, I thought they would draw in closer because they would see what I see. That the world is what we feed it. That when the bottom rises, so does the top. That we are all connected. Ideally…

So along the way, building this company, I’ve heard more people who don’t have the ability to match what I ideally thought at the beginning. This is the moment that I realized that I know absolutely nothing about people. I knew nothing about how others see the world.

I was beginning to get discouraged. I was beginning to think that something was wrong with me. That I was alone in my assessments.

Then, a funny thing happened. I saw a inspirational meme: “Count Your Blessings.” It reminded me of who I am. I never looked at what was wrong, but what I could do. I never looked at what I didn’t have, but what I have achieved. I looked at my team and realized that we have a lot working in our favor. We are smart, we are hungry, and capable. We are the Ideal of what we want the world to be and the only way to make an ideal transfer beyond an idea is to bring it to life. We are here, we are doing –> not what we planned, but what we can.

There have been some amazing people on this journey who have opened doors for us. Some who have closed doors for us. Either way, we are still here and able. That is something to be THANKFUL for. So in the spirit of gratitude, of grace. we’d like to thank our TEAM, MENTORS and our SUPPORTERS for spreading the word, opening doors, and being there when we need you!


Also, special THANK YOU and congratulations to our team member Bria Moore who will be shifting from her current responsibilities in building our Winter Wonderland event to helping us more on the Policy side with government grant and contracting opportunities. This means – There is an opening for our Event COO position! We need an extraverted, fun loving, kind and eager professional ready to pitch in for the team and build something truly amazing. We’re looking for two annual events to supplement us as we build towards our Kitchen center where we can create an amazing experience for Live Chef concert opportunities and content. Inbox me at info@stretchrecipes.com



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