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My heart is heavy with the recent news of Paris being attacked.  As you know, we planned on awarding a trip for up to 4 people to celebrate NYE in Paris & Monoco in the event we hit capacity for our event with 1,100 tickets sold.

When I think of Paris, I think the City of Love, Food, Adventure, Art, Architecture & Fashion.  The best of what mankind has to offer each other during their experience on Earth.  I think of creativity and life, controlled excess and all things good in moderation.  So in this dark hour to see so many innocent citizens and tourists attacked in a war they have nothing to do with, in a place where so many seek life, it hurts.

I hurt for the people.  I hurt for humanity.  How can someone be so broken inside to not value a life?  To not see how short this life is and that we have so much to give during this blip of time on this planet, that they’d rather spend it perpetuating the pain and anguish of a hard life lived and decided by generations that have passed.

How can a city who lives in the now, who loves in the now be descended upon by those who cling to the past and lies told of what life is, should and could be?

I love Paris, and not to impart my beliefs, I pray for Paris.  It is in my prayer that I ask for these wounds to heal and for the people to be protected.  It is in my prayer that I ask for peace and love for a City that has given the world so much.  It is in this piece and peace of my heart that I pass forward the love that Paris has given the world and share it back with Paris in their time of need.

With that said, I understand that some attendees may not want to go to Paris for NYE at this time.

So I turn it over to you.  What should we do?

A.  Keep the trip, if I win, I will still go to Paris and Monoco for NYE 

B.  Donate $5 per ticket sold to the French Red Cross designated for Grief Counseling for the Paris shooting victims.

C.  Change the destination

D.  Loose the theme, we’ll make it simple and still have a good time.  Let’s put $10 per ticket sold to the French Red Cross designated for Grief Counseling and medical bill alleviation for the victims of the Paris shootings.  



Please let us know the best way to proceed.  Tweet me @StretchRecipes your letter selection (or recommendation) using #AliceInWinterWonderland or email me privately at info@stretchrecipes.com



OXO Lauren

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