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Mission Stretch Recipes | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

Mission Stretch Recipes


We’re on a mission to help everyone eat better and save more.

We believe that it is everyone’s human and basic right to eat. When we are hungry, we can not think straight.  Our only instinct is to take something in to end the hunger pain, the disorientation, and the fear.  In this country, we are blessed with the opportunity to have access to food.  Not all food is good for us.  In neighborhoods and in rural areas, we have access to the cheapest foods that not only lasts incredibly long, but remove us from the natural order of things to sustain a basic need.  When we find ourselves so distanced from the food of the land, we are in a place where everything is foreign to our bodies.  These places are termed as food deserts. They are not only in cities, but also in rural areas.

How can one live better, or even thrive if they are not able to cease the hunger their bodies so desperately need?  The mission of Stretch Recipes extends beyond this.

We eat to live and that transcends food.  That is the knowledge we share, the beliefs we create, and what we put back into the world.  When we say Eat Better, we are talking not only about the food, but the things we say and put into the universe.  It shapes what we feel about ourselves, others, and how we view the world.

Time is not promised to anyone.  Money is not promised to anyone.  Resources is not promised to anyone.  Access to Knowledge is not promised to anyone.  Life is not promised to anyone.

When the world conspires to help you eat better, it is a natural result that stems from these changes.  You learn that your time is limited yet important to the experiences you have.  You see that money is a flow of energy from the work that you place into cultivating it.  You see that you have more resources than you realized.  You also see that by your life is better as a result of all those changes and most importantly, we have a theory here that if the foods you eat can fuel you better, you will live a better life.  We hope a healthier one, and with time, we aim to prove this theory.

So when we say, save more, it’s not just about the food or money, it’s about all these wonderful things that make your life experience richer and that is the best way to save a life.  To open someone’s eyes so they can see.

Thus, when we say Eat Better, Save More… it has a bigger meaning, but a simple truth.  Eating better for some of us means more food, healthier food, or a belief. Saving more can be as giving them back time and money, or opening their eyes.

Combined with our Vision, we believe we can empower many people to Eat Better and Save More!

Thank you for joining our mission!  We look forward to growing more in the future!



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