Let The Outside In With a Green Pod

By: Alley Goodroad

By: Alley Goodroad

Many Americans are tethered to their desks at work. As a result, we may experience eight hours a work day without seeing the sun. Unsurprisingly, tasks become mundane. We risk becoming uninspired.

Enter the Greenpod, an egg-shaped office design with walls that reflect natural surroundings. The person sitting in the pod can opt for transparent walls with views of nature, or, see a project of a relaxing beach with the click of a remote. Additionally, the structure blocks out noise while speakers play soothing sounds. Of course, there’s WiFi.

Neste, an oil refining corporation that produces renewable diesel from raw materials, is at the helm of the Greenpod idea. To note, Neste is not alone in the effort. Eco-based design companies–such as Archipod and Nice Architects–are supporting the pod pack as well with the idea of bringing the outside in.

Perhaps, right now, a working pod seems far-fetched, futuristic, and unlikely. However, the workplace is becoming more flexible. The eight-hour-a-day desk gig is not the only option these days. More people are telecommuting from home. Who’s to say, in the near future, that we won’t get paid from a pod?

Alley Goodroad is a tech geek and digital media strategist at heart. She consults for start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 50 companies. Recently, the Houston Business Journal nominated Alley for a Top 40 Under 40 award to honor advances in the digital space. Her other hobbies include coffee-ing, running, and playing with Brooklyn (an adorable Shih Tsu).

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