My Lifestyle Recipe = Nice home in walkable community + Travel Savings + Rainy Day fund + Cooking at home + Charitable Contributions.


If I were suddenly in an accident that prevented me from working or diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer or heart disease, this is the lifestyle I would protect.  I’d want to protect my savings from being diminished and if I were living check to check, it’s even more vital to put aside the $8/week to ensure that I weren’t a burden on my roommate or worse, evicted.  I’d still want to travel and make charitable contributions where I could.  I’d still want to cook what I loved at home and live in my preferred home.


We have seen too many times where a seemingly simple lifestyle like this was not only put in jeopardy, but lost completely.  We care that people are able to be made whole after events take place that would leave them utterly financially devastated.  So we offer Lifestyle Protection.


What exactly is Lifestyle Protection? – For starting as low as $35/mo, we provide you with packaged savings & protection to protect the life you live.  Your selected supplemental package(s) will provide you with cash coverage in the event of illness, accidents, or extended loss in income due to illness or accidents so that you can focus on wellness and getting back to that awesome life you live!


Our Lifestyle Protection is great for people who:

– Want to protect their own income in the event of illness or accidents

– Are ready to build an estate backed by cash value

– Work 32 hours or more a week in a permanent position

– Self-employed with occasional gaps or annual income above $25k/year


Are you between the ages of 18 and 64 residing in California or Texas, earning more than $25k per year?







If you reside outside of Texas & California and are interested in income protection, sign-up for our interest list here.