Hustle your way from 0 to $800/wk with these Apps


Once, there lived a man who told me to shut up about spreading the knowledge that I have. If you tell everyone, and everyone starts doing it, there will be nothing left for you. I think this mentality is what stops many people from growing to their full potential.

There’s 3 flawed reasons for this line of thinking. The first is one that any Entrepreneur knows. The person you’re telling has to be willing to do the work. As only 2% of the population are always willing to do the work, this leaves 98% of people who will complain along the way and receive closed doors -or- people who just will quit too soon.

The second is that even if you are able to Daniel-san your shit, creativity is required and taking the risk to jump at an opportunity is also something that very few people are willing to do. And let’s not even get into reliability…

The third is that when you go through something, you’re supposed to share with others to pay it forward. Someone did it for you and it is always your time to do it for others.

So here are some ways you can hustle up to $800/week and thank goodness, not all of them require a car!


Wag – I do this now. I love dogs and they love me. I find my peace walking with them after a long and sometimes stressful day. If you love dogs, this is a great way to make an extra $100/week just walking 1-2 per day and help melt away your stress.  To Startup costs $20.   If you have a dog, try it out first and enter my code LAUREN0723 for your first $20 off. 


Uber –  Über is my jam.  Try clicking on the link and getting $20 off to try it!  Try using uber a couple times.  When you see how convenient it is, you’ll suddenly know why so many people are all about the ride sharing craze.  Make sure your setting is set to X for your first ride.  Sometimes if it’s set to XL or Luxe, your bill will go through the roof and it will leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Whether it’s a trip to the airport or one day you just want to avoid the headache of looking for a parking space, there’s uber.  I don’t have a car now, but I do know that they will rent you one to use in order to drive.  Many uber drivers get certified and turn it on when going home to get paid to sit in traffic.  Why not you too?  To Startup costs a full tank of gas.


Uber Eats – If you love uber, you’ll love uber eats.  The ability to order food quickly and have all the costs included.  Enjoy $15 off your first order… If you love the concept of uber but are a little shy about driving around strangers, try uber eats.  To Startup costs a full tank of gas.


Lyft – Lyft is another ridesharing app that allows you to have the same benefits as uber.  The key difference in the two?  Heck!  I know, but I’m not sharing.  Here’s the best news of all.  You can drive for both to maximize your customers.  This is something that most drivers do to make sure they don’t have too much downtime.  :-)  To Startup costs a full tank of gas. 



Postmates – With postmates if you have a car – Great!  But if you don’t have a car, you can still work on foot or with a bicycle!  Postmates is a great way to make some good money picking up food and knick knacks for people.   I have a friend who picked up a few atypical items for a celebrity that made his jaw drop.  To Startup may cost sealed lips for those discretionary errands especially if you want repeat customers.



Doordash – A lot like postmates from what I understand.  This is the only one I don’t have on hand experience with, but friends who stay in the Airbnb use them quite often.  I imagine the startup cost is the same as postmates.


Favor (Check your market) – We had this in Austin and it was great!  If Favor’s in your market, try them out.  They get bonus points for sure for the bow tie t-shirts they wear just for you!  Startup costs 0. 



Task Rabbit – Ever need help assembling that Ikea furniture?  What about shredding that pile of papers you let accumulate?  What ever the task is that you’d rather outsource to others, a task rabbit can help.  Startup costs 0.



Instacart – Want to be a personal grocery shopper?  I can say this, when I used instacart, I was more likely to eat at home and 3 meals a day too!  I stuck to my budget just from ordering the same items and it saved me carrying all those heavy bags.  Working instacart was equally as fun and the tips are great!  Startup costs full tank of gas unless you are an in-store shopper only, then none.



 Airbnb – Clearly this list isn’t in order of my favorite things, but I’ve placed this list in order of what you may be willing to do first!  Trust is needed for many of these hustle gigs and I will say that even though I have crazy moments and some unforgettable memories through Airbnb, I’d be lost without it!  I think if you are in a position where you have space, you should consider renting out your couch or extra room to help someone in between apartments, moving to your city, foreign exchange student, or someone visiting on a holiday.  It’s a great way to meet new people and even if you just did it for one weekend a month, that’s some extra cash in your pocket without you having to do much work. Try it first for a night or two and get $$$ off your stay.  Startup costs 0.

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