Hey LA! Want Cash Back on your Uber Rides? Download Freebird Rides TODAY

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Every once in a while, an app comes along and it truly saves you money!  Freebird Rides is one of them!

You download this app and use it when you are taking an Uber to a restaurant or bar and it will rebate you cash for your ride there.  Yes, you get cash back for your ride to every restaurant or Bar in LA!

Step 1:  Go to the App Store and Download Freebird Rides

Step 2: Create your account & Link it to your Uber


Step 3:  Find the bar or restaurant you are going to and select it.


Step 4:  Order your Uber

Step 5:  Take your Uber to the Restaurant or Bar

Step 6: Use the same card as you did to order your Uber to make a purchase at the restaurant or Bar.

Step 7:  Enjoy your cash back!


Where was this app last year?  LOL… So handy and as you can see, I’ve already enjoyed some savings!  Now all we need is for it to take me to the grocery store and all my days will have been made.  :-)



Download Freebird now and start getting cash back on your Uber Rides when you go out to eat or drink!

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