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*Updated January 3, 2017 with deadline extensions*

About Us/Our Project

We’re looking for amazingly talented people who believe the world can be a better place when we empower people with the tools to do so.  We’re looking for 1099 Contractors, but we’re open to full-time employees with a desire to dive into helping build a business that stands for empowering people to live well.

This year long effort will be to roll out a unique Insurance Agency that will empower millennials to live better. We want to build a relationship with our visitors that transcend typical advertising & marketing and dives in to retrieve the nuggets of universal truths to provide them with what they need and what they didn’t know they needed in order to live better.  This will empower them to be well in their daily lives by eating better, building personal wealth, and growing their communities.

Who we need


We’re a bootstrapped agency so we’re working in trade.  We need people who are not striving to be employees, but business owners that would benefit from having their health coverage paid for.  We only want to work with passionate people who do the work and have chosen their current business because they love it and are working to be if not already the best at what they do.

This has potential to grow into a bigger and paid contract opportunity if we love working together.


We have 10 part-time positions open.



Hair Stylist – Will be working with Natural and possibly relaxed African American hair, but must have the ability to work with all hair types. 1-2 days per month – Must be in LA.  Must have own tools and supplies, company will supply hair for weaves or wigs if ever needed.


Fashion Stylist – 2-3 days per month – Must be in LA

Make-up Artist – 1-2 days per month – Must be in LA.  Must have own tools and supplies, company will supply hair for weaves or wigs if ever needed.


Photographer/Videographer – 2-3 days per month – Must be in LA


PA/Driver – 8 hours per week – Must be LA/Santa Monica; Valid Driver’s License required, Valid Insurance.


Graphic Designer – Anywhere USA   (Preference given to Los Angeles)

Marketing Assistant – 1-2 days per week (Attend & Help with Events) – These will take place throughout LA, Pasadena, Santa Monica, & Northridge.

Content Writer/Producer – Financial & Music (1 article per topic per week) – Anywhere USA (Preference given to NY, California & Texas)


Content Writer/Producer – Tech & Global (1 article per topic per week) – Anywhere USA  (Preference given to NY, California & Texas)


Cartoonist – 1 satirical creation per week – Anywhere USA (Preference Given to NY, California & Texas)



Nights and Weekends ONLY

This position is for Trade

Must be 1099 and willing to work in trade on a year contract for Health insurance (You choose provider, we write & pay insurance) -or- if currently receiving full medical willing to receive AFLAC Accident, Cancer, Whole Life & Hospital as supplemental coverage in lieu of cash payment.

We do not reimburse for mileage unless it is more than 15 miles outside of the County of Los Angeles.  We anticipate a bulk of our shoots be in Venice, Santa Monica, Culver City, Downtown LA, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Burbank & Hollywood.

FAQ – Expectations/Time required


– We will have themed shoots monthly.  Shots/Recordings will be of people and food.

Content Position(s)

– Start May 1st.  First articles due May 7th.  Due weekly on Fridays.  Content must be original and not hosted or sold to other sites, once submitted, we own and you are credited with photo & bio/links.  Research & Sources cited & provided.  You will be provided with a themed calendar at the beginning of the month and a date when the content will go live.  BIG Bonus if you are in LA and LOVE to be on camera.


– needed to run personal errands (groceries mostly) & work errands pick ups & drop offs (Print Jobs, event materials, etc.) for 8 hours/week. Flexible.  Most things NOT time sensitive so if I request a pick up or drop off, just needs to be done prior to a store closing -or- the next day.  Will tell when it’s requested if same day need or next day.  We try to be as respectful as we can of your time.  Where possible will send you a schedule of things needed for the week on Sundays.

Graphic Designer

– TBD.  Ideally, once brand looks/templates established, monthly info graphic needed for video content segment – will have a minimum 2 weeks lead on what’s needed.

Marketing Event Assistant

– Set-up & Co-host happy hour events.  Available Thursdays from 2PM – 10PM -or- Wednesdays from 6 – 9 & Thursdays from 5-10.  Starts January 5th.

Ideally, this is someone who already works with events, loves networking and wants to be the first person to join our team full-time!

Submission deadline April 22, 2017

Final Interviews conducted by April 8, 2017

All Applicants must be available for video call on April 15th or 16th.

FAQ on Insurance

Once dates are finalized, we will write and pay your health premiums monthly for 1 year.   *Your coverage effective dates will be June 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 if you sign contract by May 8th .  Your coverage effective dates July 1, 2017 – July 31, 2018 if you sign contract between May 8th & May 30th

In the event your services are no longer needed because the company ceases overall operations, your coverage will be continued for 90 days after your notification, at which time you can choose to pay your premiums to continue coverage -or- terminate your coverage.

*Dates depend on which insurance provider you select, we will confirm coverage effective dates with you.  Regardless of start date, you will receive 1 year of coverage in trade for your services for 1 year.

Other FAQ’s

You are responsible for the dates we need you.  If you are unable to make it, you must assign and cover the out of pocket expenses for your replacement for the day.  If the replacement is unsuitable, contract will be terminated immediately and premium payments turned over to you -or- your coverage terminated (whichever you choose).

To Apply

Send LinkedIn/Resume to along with links to your work and tell us why you’re so awesome to work with and what your long term dreams are!  We’re super connectors and love to empower you to do well even if we find you aren’t a fit for this position.

This is a 1099 position and we are a diverse company.

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