Fun times call for fun measures

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“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” Richard Branson
YES!  You should still have FUN!
Can you identify with this?Yes

, your work is serious…
Yes, when something is important to you, you should be taken seriously…
Yes, some people can’t handle serious…
Yes, it can be maddening when people aren’t as serious as you are…
Yes, through all of this, you can have FUN!These were my thoughts a couple weeks ago.  I haven’t always been optimistic, I haven’t always known to let my hair down, but when I reached my 30’s, I lived differently and a new world, new thoughts, and a new positive sense of well being opened up within me and I enjoyed life.

Setting out to start a for-profit business that would have the ValuesVision as well as the Mission statement of Stretch Recipes, Inc. sets the bar exceedingly high, and for corporations this is no easy task.  The request extends beyond creating self-sustaining systems that generate opportunity and wealth within local communities, the request extends beyond establishing better priced organics, the request extends beyond asking people to change their habits to live better…  It extends to challenging established paradigms of what business can do for the world and what we can do as a society.

So needless to say, the thought and the heaviness of things can weigh things in a manner where everything seems as if the future of mankind is at risk.

However, dancing by yourself while the world is on fire is probably a much better situation to be in than crying in a ball to another sad love song.  :-p

It’s for this reason, it’s better to enjoy each day as it comes, to take gratitude all things as they come (lessons or blessings), and if you want; dance, sing, play, spend time with the people who you work so hard to provide for, cook and eat dinner together, do something new or adventurous, travel to see the world… Whatever your idea of fun is – have it at all times to stay in balance!

We are having fun over here at Stretch Recipes and that’s what makes it easy to wake up each morning and keep going.

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