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People ask how I keep going, well, I just wake up and my brain thinks 1 word – Go!

I think how can I accomplish as much as I can with the time I have for today. Thus, the song for the week is none other than the Ramones, with Hey! Oh! Let’s GO!!!!!!

Sure we hit bumps along the way and jump hurdles, but that’s what we do.  So we just go as fast and as hard, reaching and doing as much as we can because we know we are strong and capable.  Every now and then, the universe bends in our favor and that’s when others see us really moving.  But it doesn’t matter for an entrepreneur most times… because no matter what happens each day, our heart beats one word, two letters – GO!

So to all my fellow entrepreneurs and startup founders out there passionate and grinding – Crank your speakers up and get that energy flowing so that you can Keep Going!  :-)


-XOXO Lauren



Hope to see you at #AliceInWinterWonderland as we are working hard to make this not only Epic, but the first in a series of awesome annual winter events to bring you and your friends/family together for the holidays.

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