Music Monday w/Anna: “Doubt thou the stars are fire, Doubt the sun doth move, Doubt truth to be a liar but never doubt thy love” for Lil Wayne is real


By: Anna O’Leary


There was a point and time when asked who my favorite rapper was, that I would hesitate before replying Lil Wayne. The hesitation didn’t stem from doubt, but from the frequent reaction I received that implied Weezy was somehow not a worthy enough artist to warrant being claimed as one of the best alive. Now I have replaced my noodle with a backbone and call the haters April babies, cus they fools. Since 1997 Lil Wayne has built a moat between him and his millennial (that’s correct, he was born in 1982) competition by making a name for himself as an artist, not just a G. It feels like a list format is the most practical way to make you understand how important Dwayne Carter is;
• Joined Cash Money Records @ age 11
• Accidently shot himself @ age 13, missed his heart by 2”
• His favorite band is Nirvana (maybe that’s fake news idk)
• Released The Block is Hot @ age 17 which went PLATINUM
• The Carter III was the #1 album of 2008 selling over A MILLI records in its first week
• He gave you Drake if you’re into that sort of thing
• From 1997-2014 Weezy completed 41 full length projects (albums, mixtapes, collabs) which is more than Jay-Z and Nas combined
• Between 2008-2014 he has had over 30 features PER YEAR on average including the nine months he spent in prison in 2010
• Thus far has sold roughly 15 MILLI records and has had 4 albums go platinum
• His diamond grillz are actually braces

The above stated facts are for the numbers people out there. For myself, Weezy has always won my heart with his originality. Between his mad pun game, weird voice, his ability to address socio political issues in a relatable fashion, his laugh, his use of multisyllabic words in rhyming, his subtle art of not giving a fuck, his smile, his tattoos and piercings, the love for his fans, his grill, and his undeniable artistic soul, I have been swooning over Mr. Carter since before I was of consenting age. So when I heard Lil Wayne would be playing 3 shows in CA between April 19-21 I knew I must go. So I did. On Friday the 21st I saw my rap god perform at the Hollywood Palladium. Playing mostly tracks off The Carter III and colabs w/ mainstream rappers he had The Hollywood Palladium lit and fully engaged. If I were ever to critique anything I would say his vocal abilities live were a bit rough but his lyrical flow and focus on pleasing his fans were there just like they have been there since day 1 like A-1.
I love rap but I also really enjoy art and free things. So check this link for all of the free museum days in Los Angeles for the month of May in LA. Go cop some culture and come back here next Monday to hear me ramble.

My name is Anna and I work at an aibnb style hostel in Venice. I grew up in the Seattle area and music has been my source of energy for as long as I can remember. I played piano and bass guitar through high school and developed an affinity for hip-hop at roughly 13 when I discovered The Carter mixtapes.  Follow me on IG @AK_Oleary and keep checking back Mondays for Music & LA event news!

*Title quote Shakespeare*

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