#DontBeJanice – Rainy Day Mom


What’s your worst fear?   I will say my worst fear since 17 was having to move back home.  LOL.  I definitely do everything in my power to not have that happen.  I’d rather live in a walk-in closet than to get lip service on why I dropped the ball.

Janice took for granted that she had a job that would pay her bills.  When she went to Vegas one weekend, she over extended herself thinking she would make it up in her next check.  Unfortunately, she was fired when she got back and couldn’t make it work.  She ended up getting evicted and with it listed on her report, she can’t rent her own place.  She moved back home with her parents for 9 months and worked at a fast food restaurant to build up more cash to move back to LA.

She currently rents a room in the Valley, but it was a hard apartment search for her with no job and an eviction.   In about 2 years, she may have the eviction removed and be free to find a place all her own.


If you’re playing it too close already on the finances, you have to play it cautious.  If you can’t afford to save now, make sure you protect yourself.


In a couple weeks, we’ll be posting a series on our top Apartment hunting tips.  Armed with this knowledge, you won’t have to face eviction AND we’ll even go over options to protect your credit and income too!  Stay tuned!  If you need help sooner, contact us!

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