#DontBeJanice – Hooking for Cheeseburgers


When money is tight, it’s tight!  But what happens when it hurts someone you care about?

Couldn’t fit the full story in here, but Janice lived in an apartment that was pretty much equivalent to her take home pay.  She found herself truly living check to check and in order to bypass a food budget all together, she purposely dated on the weekends to cover her food expenses.

Establishing a budget is key and ensuring that your rent doesn’t exceed 1/3rd of your income is essential to making it work!  Sure, you may not live in that palace you dreamed you’d have when you left college, but you’ll be Adulting in no time.  And you won’t ever find yourself in the awkward position of explaining yourself to someone you care about.

If you need budget help or apartment search tips, feel free to contact us.

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