Cooking Up Cultures – #AliceInWinterWonderland


We’re so excited that Cooking Up Cultures will be in for all of you excited about getting some hands on time, learning how to make your own food.  :-)

With Cooking Up Cultures, you’ll not only get to learn how to make the dish, you’ll learn how to speak languages!

On deck, we will have French, Chinese, Mexican and American cuisine… So be ready to learn some French, Chinese, & Spanish; if you’re rusty on your English, they can help with that too!

We’ll be announcing their Chefs and pre-sign-ups for their sessions Monday.  :-)

Here’s a bit about Cooking Up Cultures.  Be sure to visit them at their website to learn more.

Cooking Up Cultures is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has been serving the Austin area community since 2010. Cooking Up Cultures provides supportive, ediblen environments for learning languages and sharing cultures. Our ultimate purpose is to bridge the cultural barriers that exist in our communities.


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