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Manville Chan has been cooking since his early years. His cooking style is finding creative, modern, bold-flavor twists to global comfort food.  He loves making everything from scratch including noodles, pasta, bread, cheese, sausage and broth. He enjoys every cuisine of the world but his favorites are Italian, Indian, Thai, Chinese and Spanish. He has been trained in a number of cooking classes in France, Italy and Thailand.

Currently, Manville is an active host at, a service that allows home cooks and experienced chefs to open up their own kitchen and dining table by inviting guests to sample food in a relaxed environment. He has hosted hundreds of dinner events at his downtown Austin high-rise apartment. He is also a chef at, a site/app that allows Austinites to order freshly prepared home cooked meals to be delivered or picked up. Manville’s passion is to help create an “un-restaurant” experience — using disruptive innovation technologies to bring better dining and food experience; just like Airbnb creating an “un-hotel” and Uber creating an “ub-taxi” experience.










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