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Building an Impactful Business | Earn. Eat. Save. Stretch

Building an Impactful Business

By December 21, 2015 Thoughts No Comments

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.” – Les Brown

Over the next few weeks, we will share what we think the “meal plan” is for building our company, Stretch Recipes.  We’ve already shared 5 out of 8 our key recipes for us building the Stretch Recipes Company meal plan that includes – CompassionGratefulness; LovingTeam Work; and Resilence.

This week, we will discuss the 5 things of what’s needed to create an Impactful business.

1)  Team of dedicated people ready to live and be what we ask of and tell our customers – Our team works the same mission, sees the same vision, and we work with the goal of achieving that.  We know that it is not an easy task, we know there are compromises to be made, but what we will not compromise is the integrity and the faith we have as a team and as individuals to be the change we want to see in the world.  This is being the change we want to see in business and flourishing at our talents to support each other.  The ability to create impact starts with us.

2)  Ready to go against the grain to find the most effective ways to reach and obtain results.  I’ve explained this to people before and maybe I’ve said it too nicely in the past for them to truly understand.  I have zero desire to be in the business of food.  When I leave this planet, I do not want to be known as the food girl.  I don’t want my company to be known for that.  We want to be known for empowering people to live the best they can, for building a long standing business that is able to achieve results through the most effective tools and methods for the consumer market.  In short, we want people to use and need what we offer, gain benefit from it, and as a result live better by what we do. Therefore, if we aren’t able to get significant income from what we do, whether that be through high use of the products/services or people paying for the service directly, we aren’t going to do it because it means people are not getting benefit from it.  However, unlike many of our for-profit counterparts, if we see measurable positive impact for people.  Such as, 1% of the market uses our product and now has improved health outcomes, we will not cease the product, we will find ways to find it’s continually supported.  Why?  Because sometimes, impacting 1 person, can lead to millions of lives being saved.

3)  Sacrifice today, for a greater tomorrow –  EVERY… well almost every founder knows it takes a lot of sacrifice to make it.  Before starting, you think, yes, I will sacrifice this or that, then you quickly realize that you are going to sacrifice way more than you ever imagined.  :-)   So vision is required to keep you moving ahead during the dark times.  It is that light that leads and drives us to not worry about the inconveniences of today, to build something that will hopefully help and empower so many people tomorrow.  We live today, we sacrifice today, it’s not that we don’t appreciate or live in the presence, it’s because we see the blinding light of what tomorrow can be.

4)  Making money is a part of making impact – People don’t understand me, they think I am doing double speak when I say it’s not just about the money.   I’m not. I said just.  I’ve had people tell me that if I was truly trying to help people, I wouldn’t be looking to profit.  Well here’s the good news, because I’m looking to profit, I will have found the most effective way to create engagement. People put their money where their mouths are and if they believe it’s important enough to spend on it, then they are much more likelier to see it through.  Additionally, the more financial resources I have, the more jobs I’m empowered to create, the more markets we can touch, the more lives we can change.  It’s necessary to advance.  Money is neither evil nor good, what you do with it can empower or hurt.  We choose to empower.

5)  Collaborate and Connect.   When I started, I was by myself, I made it a point to not take on every job and sought to collaborate and connect with people who were just as driven as I was and who I believed in and wanted to succeed regardless of outcome.  I’m still very much this way.  As we continue building our team, I’m convinced that I have some of the brightest and most amazing people supporting me.   This also extends to partners and people we seek to feature at our events and within our platform.  Our events are the physical manifestation of our business model.  Yes, sounds very sterile, but it is a way we connect people to the Chefs, products, and restaurants they love so they can build memories with them.  When people leave our events, they will have hopefully learned a new recipe, found out about a new chef or restaurant, and connected with a product they will use in the future to continue to create memories with their loved ones.  By doing this, we’ve collaborated with the local community and connected them together and we have the website and platforms to continue the dialogue.  This is financial impact for local businesses as well as positively impacting the lives of our attendees.   They will hopefully teach their children and their children…

Now that you’ve read our recipe for Impact, what are your thoughts?  Did we leave anything out?  Tweet us @StretchRecipes

Also, please empower us to keep making an impact by VOTING FOR US to win the Amber Grant (no login required) 

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