Big Round of Applause for Alley Goodroad, Our newest member to the Stretch Recipes Team

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Alley Goodroad is a CEO and Principal Consultant of Slink Interactive, a digital marketing agency in Houston, Texas. She graduated Columbia University with a master’s of science in 2013. The time of NYC jump-started a globetrotting career as a marketing consultant for tech firms in New York City, Buenos Aires, Austin, Chicago, and Houston. Alley worked for Digital.NYC under the Bloomberg Administration, NTT Data (formerly Dell Digital Business Services), Mutual Mobile, and SocialMetrix. Recently, she was nominated by Houston Business Journal for a Top 40 Under 40 award. You can follow her takes on tech on Twitter at @alleygoodroad. In her spare time, Alley refines superb coffee making skills, boxing, and teaching marketing classes at Texas incubators.

Alley will be the editor for Tech & Global content for the site! Be sure to check the site for #TechTuesdays to see what Alley has to share!

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