WHY GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW TO #AliceInWinterWonderland – It’s less 8 hours away!!!

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We are less than 48 hours away and we can say this for sure, grab your tickets now.  Here’s the top 7 reasons:

1)  Guaranteed food.  It’s a food event, we plan according to the number of committed ticket holders.

2)  Valet.  We plan valet according to the people attending as well.  Sometimes, the simple pleasure of someone else parking your car goes a long way.

3)  At the door pricing will not be any cheaper.  We’ve dropped our prices to the bottom line and service fees at the door are higher than eventbrite.

4)  We want to hit our quota numbers so that we can pack the event with even more awesome offerings:  Snow, Aerialist, and design elements that are awe inspiring.  More people means stretching your dollar the furthest!

5)  Faster check-in at the event.  Do you really want to wait until someone processes your payment?

6)  With La Barbecue, Whole Foods, Amy’s Ice Cream, Uncle Louis G’s Italian Ices, Soda Shack, Hey Cupcake!, Daily Greens, Departure Lounge Wines, Jaime’s Salsa, Shumdaddy’s BBQ Sauce, 5 Chefs, and Cooking Up Cultures… There’s a lot of food to learn about, be tasted and enjoyed on your Sunday Funday at Fair Market!

7)  & the best part of all – Taking Stretch for a spin… the secret to buying Organics without blowing your Whole Paycheck!  Be the first to preview and taste some of the recipes from the app so when your New Year, New You resolutions kick in, you’ll be ready to go!

Get your tickets now!  :-)





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