Alice in Winter Wonderland – Cancelled #WWStretch

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We regret to inform you that we did not hit our ticket goal in time to cover the non-refundable deposits for this event.  While it was great to see 250+ people eager to participate, it was only half way there to what we needed to pull off this amazing event at the ticket price we offered.  We offered you a phenomenal rate so that we could not only introduce ourselves and show you what we’ve been cooking up (our App Stretch which helps you meal plan on a budget, our cash back membership program) and the events we planned on scaling and growing for Austin to boost tourism, while providing you with a memorable, powerfully engaging experience.

Since it is a Winter event and if pushed once again would be hosted in the Summer, we find that maybe our timing and the Austin market is not a fit for what we are offering at this time.   I know some people are excited about the ATX Grilling Championship, but unfortunately, we needed this event to scale into that one as our team survives solely on events.  Therefore, the ATX Grilling Championship is also canceled.

Our team lives based off our ability to execute events as we continue to build tools to empower you to eat better and save more.  These events teach us about you and what you like so that we are able to build better products that you will find value in.   To plainly put it, we are in the business of solving your problems and making your life better.  The events are crucial to our personal survival equally as the positive impact we seek to create in your lives.  Thus, people purchasing ahead of time is the only way we can bring this $25,000 event to life and stay in line with our values and vision.  This may close the door on this chapter for Stretch Recipes, but it guides us to focus all of our energies in a new direction to be announced in March.

However, please check our site on 2/14/16 to use Stretch and sign-up for our membership to get cash back off your grocery shopping and local restaurants.  Two of our current members have earned $100 this year already!  There’s still an opportunity to get $100 Whole Foods Gift card circling out there.  :-)

If you paid for your tickets on Eventbrite, you will receive a refund within the next 60 days.  If you paid on Groupon, please contact Groupon.  We also have electric hot plates and some other awesomeness that were to be used for the event.  Please contact us to learn what’s in our stash.  We would love to sell the items to recoup our lost costs.

We are extremely grateful for the Vendors, Chefs, and Companies that stepped up to make this happen.  We had over $3,500 in prizes made available for this event along with Vacation Trips donated for Live Auctioning.  We ask that you shop with and learn more about them in 2016!!!  At the end of the day, the Austin economy needs financial circulation for events to keep jobs that residents of over half the city needs for survival.   Your ability to financially contribute to local businesses is what keeps the heart of Austin beating and circulation is what will be needed as the city grows to increase affordability.

In short – Shop Local.  Grow Local. Affordability depends on it.




**Fair Market is in no way responsible for any reimbursement of funds exchanged or refunds for tickets sold for this event.**

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