Welcome!  Thank you for stopping in and learning more about us.  Our Founder started the company based off a simple solution to make meal planning easy on a budget.  When she started the company, she just wanted an app where she could enter her budget, choose her meals, and get her shopping list and savings.  Annoyed with the meal planning tools on the market and sheer hatred for forgetting coupons, she decided to build Stretch.   While it was her youngest brother’s infamous Cheetos and Ground Beef trip to the grocery store that lit the spark, it was her lifetime of experience and observations that thrust her into researching and endless passion for building a company that would solve affordability and environmental problems by building products and services people need and will use daily to create maximum impact.

It is our goal to be the preferred lifestyle partner to millennials in connecting and providing them with services and products that allow us all to live better and more sustainably.

Our Mission:

We’re on a mission to empower everyone to eat better and save more!  (Learn more)

Our Vision:


A world where we solve problems by providing people with the tools they need, will use, and understand in order to implement the changes necessary to protect the planet and advance humanity. (Learn more)

Our Values, What We Believe..

..in creating technologies and media that will empower people to experience better living everyday.

..in encouraging user first experiences as our users and customers are best served by real engagement and results.

..in working to solve real life problems and break cycles of behaviors that continue into generational misfortune.

..in building trusted products and brands to always maintain integrity amongst our clients and consumers.

Thanks for learning more about us… We hope that you join us on our mission to empower everyone to eat better and save more!